Gift ideas: marmalade for Christmas?

Daniel Wren

There’s an old tradition many of you may remember of giving oranges and satsumas for Christmas. As a child, I’d always love opening my stocking and finding chocolates, sweets and a satsuma or two. This was like the first layer of the Christmas gift experience – the treats we’d discover in our bedrooms before we even ventured downstairs to find the presents under the tree.

The Devon-based Cranfields Foods, however, is suggesting a more modern approach – with marmalade added to hampers and goody bags instead of satsumas. This grown up version of the historic tradition appeals for a number of reasons – namely that marmalades and preserves last for a long time, so needn’t be eaten straight away, and marmalade complements Christmas pudding very well.

Cranfields Foods offers a range of what they call both ‘proper’ and ‘improper’ homemade marmalades, using locally sourced ingredients where possible. These mean there’s a good choice and some very interesting flavours to try.

Orange and Cranberry Marmalade (£3.80 for 227g)

This new seasonal Orange & Cranberry Marmalade is full of pops of cranberry which add a tart burst. This marmalade is perfect for those with a sophisticated palate.

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marmalade 1

Blood Orange and Black Pepper Marmalade (£3.95 for 227g)

This homemade marmalade has a peppery kick, which is just delicious. It makes it great served on toast or with soft cheese.

marmalade 2

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade (£3 .80 for 227g)

This proper Pink Grapefruit Marmalade is exceedingly palatable and less sharp than most marmalades. Instead, it has the bitter freshness of grapefruit. This marmalade won the coveted Double Gold award at the 2012 World Marmalade Festival Dalemain.

marmalade 3

Cranfields Foods is a member of Visit Devon – the official tourist board site for the county of Devon. They are just one of Devon’s wealth of fine produce suppliers – many of which can be found at

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