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Looking for a new wine to add to your rack or to become your favourite Friday tipple? Look no further than Apothic Red. This Californian wine is a luxurious blend of four grapes: Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah and Carbernet Sauvignon. This slick bottle is filled with the flavours of chocolate, cherries, brown spice, blackberries and a subtle hint of mocha.

Apothic Red wine is inspired by Apothica, a mysterious hideaway where wines were blended and kept in 13th Century Europe. With a mix of old intrigue and modern sophistication, it’s a wine for the adventurous drinkers.

Wine lovers can compliment this delicious beverage with dark chocolate or a decadent dessert of their choice. Calorie counters can stick to their Evian – this drink is instead for those who like to indulge themselves, and don’t we all deserve a treat over the summer holidays?

We cracked a bottle of the 2014 vintage open in the Vada office, and it was uniformly praised, even by the white wine drinkers! Rich, smooth and easy drinking, the Apothic Red flowed with cheer. We paired it with a nice cheese board and a chocolate cake with hot salted caramel. It would also go well with a nice steak for your main course, too.

What time is it? Looks like it’s drinks o’clock!

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Apothic Red is available for £10 per bottle from

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