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We’ve all heard of superfoods and the key benefits, but what exactly is a superfood? In short it’s a product in many forms – be that its raw state or or its byproducts, such as chips or flakes – that can aid our dietary needs. With more focus on kickstarting our health in the wake of yet another new year, it can be overwhelming, especially with the amount of choice out there.

One such brand worth investing in is Gourmet Spirulina.

This brand new premium range of gourmet spirulina is the UK’s first raw spirulina food (as nibs/crunchies & petals), setting itself to the highest standards. It’s also the UK’s only culinary grade raw spirulina and is set to take the popular dietary supplement to a new level of tastiness.

To give a brief history: spirulina was a traditional food enjoyed by the Aztecs and the Kanem. Today, the microscopic equatorial algae is often used as a dietary supplement, however it has now been reinvented into a lovely range of gourmet products. This nutrient-rich superfood can be enjoyed by anyone keen to maximise their healthy intake of produce and gain the plentiful benefits.

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This new range consists of tasty crunchies, nibs and petals, which are equally as rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants. This is achieved due to the drying process and the region they are grown.

Gourmet Spirulina has a high phycocyanin rate of between 18% and 25% – which is the best on the market. Phycocyanin is an antioxidant and one of the key components to spirulina’s many health benefits. Spirulina also contains vitamin K2, pro-vitamin A and many other nutrients key for growth and maintaining a healthy body.

Here are just a couple of items from the vast range of new products:


Spirulina Petals (£13 for 90g)

Delicate in both taste and texture, these are ideal for discovering both the taste and nutritional benefits of raw spirulina. Ideally sprinkled on desserts or even eaten in a dried fruit mix, this can create the ultimate snack on the go.

Spirulina Nibs (£13 for 90g)

These are considered the mildest form of this superfood from Burkina Faso, making it the first of their kind in the UK and Europe. With a rich, nutty taste these are perfect for those new to the taste of spirulina and are diverse in their ability to enrich any dish.

Gourmet Spirulina is available at pulpastore.co.uk.

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