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Whether you were eating a Cronut at you favourite single origin cafe, exploring an array of different countries and what street food they had on offer, or experimenting with chipotle sauces and the use of popcorn in soup, 2013 has been a smorgasbord of food trends. The year ahead undoubtedly promises many recipes to explore and eateries to adore.

Whilst food trucks, cake pops, house cultured butters and popped grains all become albeit passe, what will the avant-garde pieces of this coming year’s haute cuisine collection be?

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Whilst visiting Mozambique recently I saw a trend emerging from the coastal chefs who made use of an array of animals and fish in their entirety. I’m seeing varied uses of the catch that skippers come into shore with from a day out on the dhow.

Fishing is one of the integral parts of income here, and nothing can be thrown away, so creative chefs are finding ways of serving these lesser known delicacies like kidneys, tripe, sweet breads and fish heads. Think fish collars from Triggerfish and a posh version of our local favourite hake and chips.

Heirloom and artisanal have been the lipgloss on every foodie’s lips in an attempt to become healthier and maintain low GI, high protein diets. I foresee us falling in love with different beans, legumes and other heirloom undiscovered grains. Making Freekah the new Quinoa.

With microbreweries on the rise along with petit coffee roasteries it would be no surprise if other chefs follow in the foot steps of South Africa’s Ruben Riffel and start putting their names on bottles of their in house craft beer and immolating Chef Tanja Kruger of Majeka House in doing food and beer pairings.

Whilst I crave the Dark ale and Waygu starter I had on holiday, the Japanese are no longer given front row seats this season as I see sushi slowly losing its appeal and one of my favourites “Tartare” going from retro to hip and becoming twenty fourteen’s hipster on a plate.

Using thin game slices reminiscent of blank canvas awaiting the deliberate brush strokes of coriander oils, pungent cheeses and crisp house grown greens, I predict the idea of raw steak adjourned with an organic free range egg will be along side sashimi on Asian menus across your top food sanctuaries.

Whilst foraging and growing your own is still one of the most emerging trends, chefs are saying no to the terms “farm to table, because that’s like saying you use salt & pepper in your dishes. This should be a given,” and rightly so. Menus are becoming less frilly and more simple with classic flavours plated with finesse. Focusing on the integrity and flavours, converted for its local origins. Think this beautiful dish from culinary contortionist Curtis Duffy of Chicago’s Grace, the simplicity of sashimi with a contemporary twist. A dish that took seven years to perfect!



Chefs are no longer solitary alchemists creating pieces of art. They have now learnt to share the runway. With mixologists like Matt Roberts of Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek shedding light on the idea in bars, so that the often beautiful men that work behind them can create robust home-made cordials, elixirs and my favourite, bacon vodka.

When serving your favourite bourbon under smoke filled bell jars, going for a drink has never been harder to turn down and 2014 will be sure to confirm the tale that there is no such thing as “Just ONE drink.”

With that said I raise my glass of locally made Method Cap Classique because local is always lekker. I wish you the happiest time exploring 2014 and all of its culinary alleys. May the recipes be simple, the wine ever flowing and your waist line ever growing. What was that saying about skinny chefs?

Here’s to food!

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