Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select – Jack’s last tour

Daniel Wren

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is a tasty special edition whiskey created to celebrate the lifelong partnership between Frank Sinatra and the Tennessee whiskey distillery.

Opening a case of this stuff is like when Harrison Ford discovered the Ark of the Covenant. It’s a magical experience and there’s a definite glow that emanates from the open box. The case itself has flashes of orange – apparently Sinatra’s favourite colour – and both the case and bottle exude class. The large, 1-litre bottle feels both light and weighty – sizeable and substantial, but not too heavy. It’s big enough to seriously impress, though, and any house guests you have will most certainly want to take a closer look. The case even includes a small book detailing Sinatra’s connection to the famous Tennessee distillery.

This brand new brew is aged in charred white American oak barrels with 51% corn. The inside of the barrel has grooves which increase the surface area and allow the whiskey to have more interaction with the wood. It is mellowed through a full 10 feet of hard sugar maple and is made in the US’ oldest registered distillery, which was opened in 1866. The result is a gorgeously smooth, distinctive whiskey with plenty of flavour. This is, without a doubt, one of the best whiskeys we’ve ever tried.

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The Sinatra Select is currently touring London – one of Sinatra’s favourite cities – and has been available all month in special events. The JD Sinatra Select has popped up at some of the capital’s best known landmarks and shops – including favourite haunts of Sinatra’s, The Savoy and Santini Italian restaurant; The Punch Room; and Selfridges. Special offers at each landmark include a free Sinatra on the Rocks with eligible purchases (check with bar staff for details).

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select is available from Selfridges in London and Birmingham, and The Whisky Shop in Iverness, priced at £150.

Sinatra Select Infographic FINAL (small)

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