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The seasons are slowly changing here in South Africa, as I’m sure they are wherever you’re reading this post from. Seasons greetings by the way, yes I know that’s not the intended manner to use that phrase but it seemed fitting. With the change of seasons, for me at least I get the sniffles, my eyes do weird gold fish like things and I generally feel like a needy male specimen in need of cuddles, spooning and of course we all know what spooning leads to… forking. Ok enough with the bad puns and cruddy humour, I blame it on the #Manflu.

I generally eat quite healthily. Today was the exception however as I couldn’t resist Leopards Leap crispy skin pork belly and all the trimmings I could lay my hands on. It’s Friday for porks sake. Anyway I try to treat my body like a temple as my highly religious mother taught me to but I thought it would be interesting to help you with my way of getting over the man flu, or lady flu (I’m not exactly sure what you guys have down there).

They say we are what we eat and for most of us, myself included, that means we’re all dicks. No, but seriously. It then only makes sense that in order for us to be healthy we have to eat healthy foods. No, not necessarily just raw broccoli and spinach juices, although I assure you that with the right recipes and flavour combinations they are actually not that bad.

So what should we be eating?

The easiest is the food of the moment from Japan. Sushi, yes not only is this high protein low carb meal good for getting fit for summer, packing on lean muscle, it also contains that famous little component Omega-3. Try to focus on eating the sashimi. This is a low carb, high protein and omega packed option that lowers chronic inflammation associated with colds, flu and other illnesses too. Obviously it’s better to have salmon or tuna raw, but for all the non-rawists (yes it’s a word I just used it in a sentence) seared salmon or tuna is great too. Sam Linsell (@drizzleanddip) has an amazingly simple recipe that I often make when I’m at home. Add some dark greens like long stem broccoli or bok choi and Bosch you have an epic meal See the recipe here.


Zinc is one of the most amazing minerals for achieving good skin and I’ve seen a Canadian Medical journal depicting that zinc lozenges shorten the duration of a cold. The sexiest way to get a good helping of zinc is oysters, so use this as an excuse to invite a potential boyfriend, girlfriend or even just the guy you’re chatting to on Grindr out. Let’s be honest we know you’re on it, so why not use it to its full potential. Perhaps later you can find out if what they say about oysters is really true?

My favourite superfood on my little list is tea because it’s so innovative. As soon as you get bored you can swap and change your leaves, even making your own combinations. We have an amazing spot here in Franschoek called the Green House at Babylonstoren. It’s the simplicity that pulls my heart strings, they hand you a pail of freshly picked herbs and fynbos. You add this to hot water and voila. Do this at home by purchasing a good quality tea you enjoy, I use loose leaf and a French press and add fresh herbs. Lavender to help you sleep, mint to invigorate your senses and lemongrass adds the most awakening scent. You’ll be on a buzz the whole day addicted just like the aroma of the braai last week. Mmm comfort food!

glass house


The least favourite on my list is chocolate, more essentially the most nutritional component cocoa. The best way to heal your heart and your other broken bits is to focus on good quality chocolate. Don’t jump to the big Swiss brand, try to find smaller producers like our Honest chocolate with a minimum of 70%. This way you get the full dosage of beneficial antioxidants and not all that flab inducing sugar, after all we’re trying to get healthy here. Then, important rule when eating in general. EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!

honest chocolate

If all else fails I go to my friendly barman on the high street. He’s funny, sexy and best of all he knows how to handle his booze. He mixes me up a Penicillin. It’s very similar to a whiskey sour just packed with excellent Scotch, a delicious dose of ginger and vitamin c also know as an orange twist. He lifts my spirits and flares his.

Oh look, it’s just arrived. I’d take a picture but perhaps it’s best I try get him into bed to steal the recipe so I can share it with you. Yet in all honesty is the recipe really that important when you have #Manflu?

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