Organic honey and sage mashed potato with bison chilli – Recipe

Recipe time: 1 hour and 10 minutes.


2 organic beef stock cubes
1.5kg organic potatoes
500g organic mushrooms
500g bison mince
Organic garlic and paprika to season
3 tbsp organic honey
1 tbsp organic butter


1. Add 2 organic beef stock cubes to a frying pan.

2. Cut up 1.5kg of organic potatoes and add them to a big pan along with 500g organic mushrooms before filling it up with cold water and place the pan on your largest stove top.

3. Add the bison mince to the pan with boiled water on top of it before mixing in American mustard. Sprinkle with sea salt and leave for 10 minutes.

4. After 10 minutes, add organic paprika to the frying pan, stir and leave for another 5 minutes before adding organic garlic, alternating between paprika and garlic every 15 minutes till the hour is up.

5. Once 30 minutes have passed add chopped vine tomatoes, long red peppers and red kidney beans to the frying pan.

6. Following an hour of cooking on the boil, drain the potatoes and mushrooms from the large pan with a sieve. Add the mushrooms to the frying pan along with both garlic and paprika for 10 minutes, while adding organic raw honey and organic butter to the pan with sage. Mash accordingly.

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7. Take a picture for Instagram, and then serve 😉

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