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Some of you may have heard the terms ‘paleo’ or ‘primal’ used when it comes to eating. Others may have no clue what I’m talking about. I expect most people to not be familiar with the term ‘paleo’, however, it is something I hope to introduce you to through  my weekly recipes and insights on the healthy and outright tasty food choices on offer under this banner.

I am the Paleo Paramedic and I write a blog called, shockingly,, and have been asked to write some
food articles for Vada. On my blog I create, adapt and re-post recipes which follow the paleo way of eating, with an emphasis on making it easy for shift workers to do. If shift workers can do it then Monday to Friday 9-5ers and students certainly can!

“Why should I care about paleo” I hear you ask. My background is medical with additional experience in medical science and research, so I do know a little bit about how the body works. I stress I am not a dietician or a nutritionist, I am a big foodie who loves to cook and learn about food, whilst also looking into the science behind ‘modern diets’ and what certain foods do to us. Through embracing paleo, you can explore many different foods and styles, safe in the knowledge that it’s good for you.

Ok, now onto the good stuff, paleo! The whole concept around paleo eating is eating what our Palaeolithic ancestors ate, or
are believed to have eaten. This involves a focus on protein, vegetables, as well as some fruit and nuts, not refined carbohydrates, sugars or foods loaded with additives and chemicals. The purpose of Paleo is not ‘to lose weight’. Rather, it is to be healthy, fat loss comes as a nice side dish however. Paleo eating is fairly simple and this flow chart from sums it up beautifully:

paleo food chart

Please note that this covers 98% of foods, but not all. It is a great place to start however.  Further to all this, I encourage you to do your own reading around the subject from authors Dr Robb Wolf & Professor Cordain who are the main individuals responsible for promoting this way of eating.

Whilst I’m with Vada I will post healthy recipes which follow the paleo way of eating, as well as exploding myths about health, food and diets. I will say stuff which you will think is wrong because it goes against what most of us have been told to believe by the media
and advertising. Believe me, I thought the same until I looked into the science behind it for myself, and I was shocked. Until next week, check out my blog,, to get a heads up on what paleo is all about.

We are what we eat. I am a Paleo Paramedic, what are you?

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When Matt isn’t answering the call of 999 in his job as a paramedic, he can often be found in the kitchen creating paleo recipes for his blog A health and science fanatic with a love of food, exercise, dance and tequila. Looking to dispel myths about being and eating healthy. @PaleoParamedic

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