Restaurant review: Döner Haus

Drew Wilby

If I say the word ‘kebab’ to you, it will probably conjure memories of an anaemic, fatty and thrown together offering that you wolfed down through a drunken haze. Döner Haus is aiming to change that image.

With an enticingly warm feel to the restaurant and smart decor, anyone will easily be drawn in. The smells will overcome you and pull you in – you’ll instantly want to taste the mouth-watering meat.

We had to start off with a few cocktails (of course)! The ‘Berghain Bramble’ really hit the spot – a twist on the classic made with Tanqueray Gin, blackberry and lemon.

We also tried a Candy Floss cocktail with prosecco, violet and sweet candy floss placed on top. The candy floss cocktail can also be a mocktail – made with lemonade instead – for the designated drivers at half the price.

With both cocktails priced at £7, it’s cheaper than most places in the city centre.

While sipping on the sweet drinks, take your time over the menu. There is a lot to take in but gives more than enough variation on the classic kebab.

The first main we decided on was the ‘Lahmucan’ which is a thin Turkish flatbread with a spicy lamb mince topping. Served with döner meat, rocket, onions, tomatoes, coriander, mint and both chilli and garlic sauce to give it that extra bit of spice. This came as a generous portion piled high on the plate for £10.50, perfect for anyone with a big appetite.

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The second main we ordered was the ‘Checkpoint Cheesy’. A slightly dark joke linking to the Cold War and a place in Berlin which was called Checkpoint Charlie.

Unlike the place, though, the food was flavourful and pretty juicy. It consisted of mozzarella and cheddar cheese melted over Berlin döner meat, topped with onions, chilli sauce and coriander, and served between a soft and freshly baked pita. A perfectly proportioned main yet not as big as the ‘Lahmucan’ for only £9.

Alongside our mains we had three smaller plates to complement our dining experience – these can be had as starters or as sides.

First was the ‘Miniwurst’, a six-inch bratwurst sausage sliced up and topped with a delicious curry ketchup, sauerkraut and seasoning. It’s so good, you might want to order another and at only £5, its a steal!

The ‘Falafel Bites’ served with a dip were light and had a great fresh taste, not what I expected from a falafel and very good for the cost too at £4.

My favourite side out of the ones we tried were the ‘Kreuzberg Fries’ – a little more than than the others at £6. This was a bowl of fries topped with mouth watering chicken döner. These are perfect for anyone with a smaller appetite but still are loaded full of original Berlin flavour!

After filling ourselves with the food, we couldn’t eat another bite! But what we did do is order a few more drinks in the upstairs of the restaurant which hosts a cosy and inviting bar and balcony area overlooking the centre of the Corn Exchange.

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Open to anyone whether you’re eating in the restaurant or not, just walk up the spiral staircase for a lovely drink (or two) to watch the busy bees of Manchester go by.

The final two drinks we ordered at the bar were the ‘Gutenberry’, a mocktail made with strawberry, apple and rosemary which was very refreshingly sweet and light compared to the ‘Whiskey Sauer’ which was a Berlin twist on the Whiskey Sour.

Overall a perfect restaurant with amazing food and drinks to match, Döner Haus is bringing the kebab to a newly enhanced level.

More information

You can find the restaurant located inside the Corn Exchange, Manchester.

Opening times are:
Sunday – Thursday 11:00 – 22:00
Friday – Saturday 11:00 – 23:00

Or if you’re a bit further north there is also another restaurant located in Glasgow at 85 West Nile Street.

Opening times are:
Sunday – Thursday 11:30 – 22:00
Friday – Saturday 11:30 – 23:00

If you want to find out more, check their socials or look into their menu in more detail, please visit

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