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The food and coffee group, Daisy Green Collection, is known for its Australian menu and has been highly rated for its brunch offerings. The group have recently rolled out more consistency in menu items across their 11 venues as well as some new dishes. Vada readers should be familiar with the Soho venue, Scarlett Green, but we popped into the conveniently located Timmy Green venue in London’s Victoria to try out their lunch offering.

Timmy Green

Located in Nova, Victoria’s newest upscale development, Timmy Green is named after founder Prue Freeman’s late brother, an Australian cowboy whose life was devoted to the land and whose legacy inspires much of the menu.

Timmy Green has 2 floors, and up to 150 covers, with an al fresco outdoor seating area. When the weather warms up, we can imagine this being a casual coffee spot. But on a cool March lunchtime, only the ground floor interior was completely full. Plant parents – there are many amongst the community – will appreciate the flowing flora and reclaimed oak. We also noted all the use (carrara) marble and lacquered brass throughout the venue.

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The menu

New to the brunch menu for February 2020 is their take on Sourdough French Toast (with pickled forced Yorkshire rhubarb, pistachio, pomegranate, honeycomb, maple cream and rose water syrup). Mid-week lunchtime however, we opted for savoury options in the form of:

  • Red shakshouka (with spiced tomatoes, peppers, baked eggs and labneh), served with a couple of slices of (cold-fermented, activated charcoal) sourdough (£12.80); and
  • Roast chicken salad served with roasted and pickled grapes, feta, facto-fermented celery, herb ravigote sauce, a poached egg, and a slice of sourdough (£13.90)
  • We indulged in sides of Halloumi fries (with pomegranate and mint yoghurt) (£8.30) and some hand-cut chips with sour cream (£3.60), and of course a glass of rosé and Prosecco, as it was a working lunch after all.

Both dishes and sides were well presented, being vibrant and fresh. Clearly there has been a certain amount of design to ensure the dishes are aesthetically pleasing; visually the black charcoal sourdough makes a bigger impact against shakshouka than sourdough of a normal colour.

The chicken salad, one of the higher-protein options, will be popular with those needing their post-work fix. It is very similar to a salad we make at home, so didn’t wow as much as other dishes on the menu may do. This is a relatively moot point though, given the dish at hand is at its core, a salad.

Service at Timmy Green was good but not great, we did have to wait a quite a few minutes after choosing, as the waiter in the Vivienne Westwood jumper just would not make eye-contact. Sorry if we weren’t dressed fashionably enough. Once our order was finally placed however, food arrived promptly and service improved.

Overall thoughts

With plentiful portions and pristine presentation, per person our brunch including drinks was under £30 (excluding service charge). The antipodean menu will definitely appeal to most, with a variety of vegan and vegetarian options. In our opinion, Timmy Green would be a good venue for those on a (first) date, with plenty to discuss on the menu, people watch, and with Victoria station close-by if you need to make a quick getaway.

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Timmy Green is located at 11 Sir Simon Milton Square, Westminster, London, SW1E 5DJ

For more information, the latest menus and to book at Timmy Green, visit

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