Restaurant review: The Athenian – Victoria, London

The Athenian Victoria London
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The Athenian is a small but growing chain of restaurants selling Greek cuisine, specifically the street food Souvlaki.

The Athenian food

What is Greek street food, specifically Souvlaki? Souvlaki and Gyros are soft, handmade pittas encasing chargrilled meat or cheese (Halloumi or Feta) that has been marinated in olive oil, lemon and Greek herbs. The Athenian serve this with salads, sauces, and there are some sides too

The Athenian offers, chicken, pork, ground lamb or beef as a meet filling, with options to add extras such as halloumi, mushrooms and there are vegan options as well. Dakos is another filling options made from Creatan barley rusk, topped with finely sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions and Kalamata olives dressed in oregano and Cretan extra virgin olive oil.

The Athenian brand also support producers in Greece as well as local businesses here in the UK. Sourcing products from small, independent producers and farmers helps to create an authentic Mediterranean food experience. This extends to beverages with The Athenian having recently supported the Greek microbrewery scene.

Vada Verdict

We chose the pork Souvlaki with grilled halloumi and a tzatziki, stuffed with some spiced fries. We also chose some deep-fried croquettes with cheese and tomato. The freshly made soft pitta took just a few minutes to prepare. The Souvlaki was tasty, moreish and a little messy – everything to expect from street food; however no wow factor. The curious tomato croquettes were a treat (but not one to repeat on a calorie controlled diet).

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As a lunchtime or afterwork grab-and-go on the way, the souvlaki from The Athenian in Victoria, filled a spot.

The Athenian in Victoria (very close to the Coach Station) is located at 15A Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RP

For more information or to see the menu, visit

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