Review: Cranes Liqueur

Adam Lowe

Cranes is a cutting edge purveyor of high quality alcoholic drinks inspired by the unique taste of the humble cranberry. Founded by twin brothers, Cranes kicked off with a 99-calorie, 100% natural cranberry cider, which proved entirely too quaffable.

Now the boys return with a bloody good (and bloody red) liqueur to match. Blending cranberry with blood orange, this is a gorgeous, gory-coloured drink with a tart but flavoursome edge. If you like your beverages smooth and bold all at once, then this is the one for you.


Dan Ritsema says, ‘The idea for Cranes came about at University. Most students enjoy a drink, Ben and I were no different, however we were health conscious. To stop drinking was never an option, but it got us thinking would it be possible to make a healthier alternative? We loved cranberry juice for the renowned health benefits it contained. So we decided to try fermenting cranberries rather than apples to make a cranberry “cider” and that was the beginning of Cranes.

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‘We stumbled across a cranberry and blood orange liqueur that was divine, so we developed it along with one of the UK’s top mixologists, and now produce a Cranes Liqueur.’

Made using top-grade cranberries from Wisconsin, the liqueur also uses the juice and rind of the blood orange. Stoppered in an 35cl glass bottle, playing on the carnal red of its fruity origins, the drink looks as good as it tastes.


Cocktail recipe: Bloody Bellini

Elegant, citrusy and with plenty of bite, this drink is for all the would-be vampires of the world (making it great for Halloween to boot). Simply add 20ml of Cranes Liqueur to a champagne flute and top up with 100ml of prosecco or bubbly for this unique cocktail.

Cranes Liquor 35cl, 20% vol, costs £15 from

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