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NIO cocktails Ron Santiago de Cuba Daiquiri
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Pre-mixed home cocktail company NIO Cocktails recently launched their latest Daiquiri range in partnership with Ron Santiago de Cuba rum. They were kind enough to send Vada a sample to review.

Founded in Milan in 2017 (and launched in the UK in 2019), NIO Cocktails is on a mission to enable everyone to choose from a menu of bar‐quality cocktails from the comfort of their own homes. The key factor being no need for any additional ingredients, bar ice – hence the name Need Ice Only (NIO). All NIO cocktails are all designed the brand’s master mixologist, Patrick Pistolesi.

What are NIO Cocktails?

NIO cocktails are delivered directly to your home, and come packaged in a smart navy box with red stripe. Inside, is are six thin square containers, each containing one of the pre-mixed Daiquiris. The cutout circles to view the amber shades of liquid within, which are more like a urine sample chart when lined up. Fear not, once these cocktails are poured into glasses with ice they are much more appealing. Instructions are simple. On the reverse side, there is a suggested glass type, add ice, shake, then tear off the corner of the cocktail packet and pour.

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The cardboard packaging and inner plastic lining are all designed to be recyclable, so there should be no waste.

What does the Daiquiri selection contain?

The partnership between NIO Cocktails and Ron Santiago de Cuba has created six variations of the Daiquiri, each using Ron Santiago de Cuba 11-year-old, bringing the taste of a Cuban summer to wherever you are. Stemmed from the dedication of the Maestros, Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 11 Years Old is a delicious blend of the sweetness of sugarcane molasses and the delicate aromas of vanilla, coconut and dry almond notes. It’s produced in the Santiago De Cuba province, in the south-east of the island of Cuba.

The six Daiquiris are:

  • El Presente Daiquiri – Inspired by a trip to a true island paradise, this Daiquiri bursts with pineapple and passion fruit flavours.
  • Forgotten Daiquiri – This has a softness of the barrel and the fresh flavour of a pure sugar cane juice spirit.
  • Frezza Daiquiri – The ultimate essence of what a Cuban cocktail should be: classy, sophisticated and with a fresh taste. The dark rum, crisp mint and fruity maraschino combine the true essence of classic Cuban cocktails. This was one of our favourites.
  • Noches de Malecón – made with melon instead of lime and a blend of Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Extra Añejo 11 years old and liqueur flavoured with beans from Cuba’s coffee plantations. This is a really different take on a Daiquiri
  • El Oriente – This recipe is inspired by the prominent vanilla and coconut profile of Ron Santiago de Cuba™ Extra Añejo, 11 years old itself, with flavours of far eastern spices and complemented with gentle citrus. The El Oriente was our standout favourite of the pack.
  • Summer Daiquiri – this take contains fragrant earl grey tea and a sweet touch of elderflower liqueur, perfect for sipping on a warm summer day, or on a grey day when you need to bring back memories of the summer.
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How much and where to buy

All NIO Cocktails, including the Daiquiri ollaboration with Ron Santiago de Cuba are available online from The price for this latter is £42 (for 6 cocktails) and includes delivery.

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