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Coffee connoisseurs will percolate with joy at the latest addition to the home coffee brewing market. If you’re tired of underwhelming caffeinated pick-me-ups, then look no further than the Pour Over Coffee Maker to brighten your morning mug. Combining a reusable steel coffee filter and a handsome glass jug, the Coffee Gator Pour Over Coffee Maker makes great coffee as easy as filling and pouring.

Coffee Gator are renowned for producing high-quality coffee making accessories, so that we can play barista in our own homes – no more trips to our favourite coffee spots (with their high prices) required. The Pour Over Coffee Maker has a contemporary design and is the perfect complement to the modern kitchen. But for those of us who only care about the coffee, its unique pouring method provides for an exceptional blending of aromas for the ultimate level of caffeine-induced ecstasy.

So how does it work? Well, the use of a slow, steady stream of hot water makes the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours from your coffee to concoct the perfect morning beverage.

Because the water is essentially strained before collecting in the container, it provides a cleaner taste than the fresh press method, which leaves your coffee swimming in coffee grinds for a gritty end-of-cup residue. The taste is better than the slow-drip machine filter method, too, and the lack of filter paper means it’s better for the environment to boot. Unlike a stovetop espresso maker, there’s no risk of burning the grinds or your hand either!

The device is also really easy to clean. Tip your grinds into your kitchen compost caddy or black bin, then swill it and the jug out so you can start with a fresh coffee maker in the morning.

So, if you fancy placing the gate to a glorious coffee haven in your home, headover to Coffee Gator’s website and grab yourself a Pour Over Coffee Maker for £29.97 (usually £39.99).

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