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Kapar's at The Savoy London
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Think luxury hotel in London and there are a handful of traditional venues that immediately spring to mind, including The Savoy on the Strand. Ideally located for the West End, their restaurant, Kaspar’s at The Savoy has launched a new pre-theatre menu. This aims to promote a positive lifestyle, so of course we at Vada had to find out the venue’s interpretation of that description.

Kaspar’s at The Savoy

Lavish and tasteful best describe the interior of The Savoy’s dining spaces. Enter through the main lobby, descend a half-staircase and guests will find themselves at a reception area, opening into a stunning glass domed atrium (complete with gazebo) – this is the Thames Foyer. Escorted through this space (where Afternoon Tea is served) is Kaspar’s restaurant, decorated with dark woods, deep teals and art deco touches.

Mid-week we found the venue about half full, with a relaxing atmosphere and impressive service. Staff carefully checked for any allergies, and the sommelier introduced himself to help with any wine pairings for each course


The Menu

With winter coming to an end, most of the self-imposed, post-holiday diets and deprivation are over. Kaspar’s has launched its new set-menu to promote a positive lifestyle. Staff were very keen to describe the relationship with local suppliers to us, the chef therefore being able to have his pick from the best produce. Two courses come in at £36 per person, and with the addition of a dessert this goes up to £42, with drinks on top of this.

From the three starter options, we chose the Quail Breast (with braised salsify, radicchio, and a confit leg of quail). The rich mouthfuls of meat are playfully presented, teasing the senses about what to expect next. The Goats Curd, was smooth and whipped into submission of three perfectly piped mouthfuls. It is delicately paired with pickled beets and a sweet crunches of a few honeycomb crumbs.

Again, there are three options of main course. We chose the British Isle Cod with spelt grain, Cornish sea forage, and brown shrimp. The generous and perfectly cooked fish was enhanced by the rich shrimp, spelt and sea forage sauce. The Guinea fowl supreme is a colourful plate with winter vegetables and seared orange pieces. Topped with with foie gras and chopped macadamia nut, this is an indulgent choice.

We opted for sides of duck fat and rosemary chips (when are they not a good choice), and Brussel sprouts with chorizo to pair with the cod.

Dessert was the impossible choice, so we asked for all three (to share between two). It’s only right we give an opinion on all the options after all. Of the three, the spiced plum pot (with amaretto, lemon curd and warm cinnamon Madeleine) is the most elaborately presented. The Caramelised Apple Tarte Tatin is the most basic but flavour will not disappoint, and the Milk Chocolate and Mandarin Mille Feuille the most moreish of the three.

Overall thoughts

It is hard to fault anything at Kaspar’s at The Savoy, to the point where whatever we write here, if readers are looking to experience exceptional fine-dining on a mid-range budget, the latest pre-theatre menu is just that. The menu promotes a positive lifestyle so far as the adventure of stepping into Kaspar’s leaves one wondering why every meal should not be this well executed.

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‘Pre-theatre’ may not be the best description for this menu, as we found the relaxing atmosphere encouraging of a longer dining experience and not something to rush, perhaps a better excuse to visit would be upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The Savoy is located on The Strand, London, WC2E 0EZ

For more information about Kaspar’s at The Savoy and to book a table, visit

UPDATE: Sadly, this restaurant is now permanently closed as of summer 2021. 

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