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Roadkill Camden market
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“Let’s find some roadkill for lunch” said nobody ever, until now. Roadkill, the newest street food vendor to Camden Market is the complete opposite that the name suggests.

About Roadkill

Roadkill are an ethical food vendor, offering great cuts of meat at very low prices for London. They put together all the ingredients of a meat foodie’s heaven. By ethical, the owners, Matthew and Jamie, try to remove as much waste as possible and don’t use single-use plastics. Another ethical approach is by their use of ‘pullet’ eggs – these are smaller eggs from hens who have just started laying, but are traditionally too small to be sold commercially.

Roadkill Menu

The Roadkill menu is short and to the point, making choice easy on a lunch break, and is made even easier once you see what the person before you purchased, though to be honest we found all options imbue FOMO. Roadkill is not for those counting calories, rather for meat-lovers looking to enjoy tasty beef. There is a burger and steak options – either sirloin, fillet or rib-eye (with options to be served in a baguette or salad), and BBQ beef dripping fries.

  • Bacon Cheeseburger (£12.50) – Aged Dexter burger (the breed, not name of the cow), Mayfield cheese with treacle cured bacon, homemade picked onion, Roadkill BBQ sauce, served with beef dripping fries. We found the burger well packed, but not past the point where it was too messy to eat
  • Steak (£12.50) – 35-day, dry-aged sirloin, fillet or rib-eye cuts, served with beef dripping fries (cuts options are subject to availability). Steak in a baguette or with a salad instead of fries is £10Our preference is always a steak over a burger, and at this price it’s worth getting to Roadkill early to make sure you get the pick of your cut. Perfectly pink, and with a crunchy, seasonal salad, the sirloin and fillet did not disappoint.
  • Loaded BBQ Beef Dripping Fries (£7) – 5hr slow roasted beef, coated in Roadkill BBQ sauce, beef dripping fries. Our new guilty pleasure and star of the menu. Whilst visually this is the least appealing (compared with sliced steak), the slow-roast beef and fries combo is just too good to share.
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Those meat lovers wanting to learn more, ask the Roadkill team is running  a butchery masterclasses in partnership with Camden Grocer, on 18 February. To book, contact The price is £95 and includes a three-course meal and wine pairings.

Roadkill can be found in the North Yard of Camden Market – walk north past the lock, under the train bridge, and enter the market on your right. Look out for the Amy Winehouse statue and you’re within metres of Roadkill.

Roadkill address: Camden Market, The North Yard, The Stables Market, 842 Chalk Farm Road NW1 8BF

For more information including the full menu, visit

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