Restaurant review: Sushi on Jones, London

Sushi on Jones London - Omakase
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We visit the London outpost of Sushi on Jones to experience its Omakase (chefs choice) sushi dining concept: a 12-course tasting menu.

Sushi on Jones

Sushi on Jones in London is located in a particularly small and tucked away venue in the recently redeveloped Kings Cross area, a couple of minutes’ walk from the tube. The sushi brand, with three outposts in New York made its way to London, unfortunately timing an opening around the time of the start of the pandemic. Now relative normality is restored, Sushi on Jones is trying to prove itself on London’s sushi scene, currently being the only venue to offer an authentic sushi experience in the Kings Cross area.

What to expect from the Omakase concept

The concept at Sushi on Jones, is called Omakase, literally translated as dishes selected by the chef. Sushi on Jones is bookable each hour for a 45 minute slow, during which diners will get to try the 12-course tasting menu, with optional sake pairing.

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Guests will be sat at one of the handful of stools at the bar, where the chef will prepare each course of sushi, using fresh, premium ingredients. Diners can see the rice being rolled, and meat and fish sliced and prepared and can ask questions and interact with the chef as the food is made in front of them. This is a completely different experience from the Kaitenzushi (the conveyor belt of sushi plates).

The tasting menu starts with lighter fish, moving through to red and wagyu beef. Additionally guests can order a top-up extra sushi piece at the end of the sitting. During our visit, we tried a mixture of halibut, yellowtail, mackerel, scallop, squid, various tuna cuts, eel and wagyu beef. Our standouts were the yellowtail aged in kelp, and served with Italian black truffle, for its utter uniqueness, pickled mackerel for its powerful flavour, the bluefin tuna that almost dissolved in our mouthes as we ate it, and the Scottish salmon with cucumber that had an almost marmite flavour.

The price point of £48, which makes this intimate dining experience very accessible. We also paired our sushi with two 240ml servings of sake: Kikusui (£17) and Soto (£29). Additionally we tried an extra piece of crispy rice bluefin tuna (£17), this is 2 bites of air-fried cubes of rices topped with the tuna that almost dissolves in the mouth.

Overall thoughts

Ahead of arrival it is key to appreciate two things: the small size of the London branch of Sushi on Jones and that sittings of Omakase start on the hour – so arrive on time, and be aware you will be waiting outside the venue (in the upper internal courtyard of 11 Goods Way) until your time slot begins. Booking is, of course, essential.

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The possibility of having an intimate experience with a chef is definitely unique and we encourage those who enjoy sushi to take the opportunity to try Omakase. Sushi on Jones offers an affordable way to do this, offering an educational experience and stand-out sushi – we would love to see more of the crossover between Italian flavours and sushi. Having a fixed time slot with the possibility of going on for a cocktail elsewhere later, makes this great for a date night.

Sushi on Jones London - Omakase

How to find Sushi on Jones

On arrival at the address, enter 11 Goods Way, noting there are a couple of eateries on this floor, instead take the stairs up one floor to the right-hand-side, and Sushi on Jones is to the left.

Location: 11 Goods Way, London N1C 4PW

For more information, visit

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