Smoked Salmon Bacon: a healthier breakfast butty

Daniel Wren

Simple Salmon has just launched its tasty alternative to a porker’s breakfast: their new Smoked Salmon Bacon.

Perfect for those who can’t or won’t eat pork, as well as those who want a healthier alternative for their breakfast, the Smoked Salmon Bacon is made from 100% premium Scottish Atlantic Salmon. Let’s not forget, too, that it provides a good start to the day with plenty of omega 3 oils.

Using a blend of rock salt and sugar, the salmon is first cured, before being left to air dry. Finally it’s smoked gently over a 48-hour period to give it a bacon flavour.

‘Requiring quick and easy preparation, Smoked Salmon Bacon delivers a tasty (and adventurous) nutritious meal and is perfect for any bacon lover who wants to eat a healthier diet, while still enjoying great food,’ says TV chef and author, Peter Sidwell.

We were lucky enough to try some of the Smoked Salmon Bacon in our breakfast rolls at Vada Towers. Slapping a few rashers on our George Foreman, we cooked the rashers quickly, serving them up in crusty white bread with slightly salted butter. Two of us opted for no sauce at all, while one of us tried ketchup and the other brown sauce.

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The verdict was unanimous: the rashers were great. The curing and smoking process definitely lends a bacon-like flavour and texture, although if you’re used to streaky bacon or back bacon, you won’t get that juicy tang of fat that accompanies your traditional rashers. But that’s kind of the point, too – these rashers are supposed to be healthier.

So would we be willing to sacrifice our daily bacon for Smoked Salmon Bacon? Simply put: yes. These are lovely everyday alternative – and you can still have a cheeky rasher of bacon on your cheat days. If you don’t eat pork anyway, then you’ve got a great gain: the texture and a lot of the flavour of bacon without having to eat bacon itself. Yum!

A bunch of tasty recipe ideas have been published online at the Simple Salmon Facebook page.

Simple Salmon Smoked Salmon Bacon is available in 170g packs priced from £3.49 per pack from Whole Foods Market UK stores.

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