Spaghetti Squash with Fried Aubergine & Tomato

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I imagine most of you are thinking “spaghetti what?!” right now. If you are then it’s time I introduce you to the amazing vegetable – the spaghetti squash, so named because after you roast it the flesh comes out in strands, like spaghetti. This vegetable is a favourite among paleo eaters because it is pasta, but is just vegetable, as you can see below. If you want to know how to prepare a spaghetti squash, please check out the info on my blog.

spaghetti squash

This recipe is a fairly simple recipe as I was using left over spaghetti squash, so the cooking time was much reduced. It generally takes around 40-45 mins to roast a spaghetti squash at 180C.

The recipe is very delicious and hearty without being bad for you as it is all vegetable (and a bit of fruit), so it is great to serve to paleo eaters and vegetarians alike. Alternatively you can use courgette instead of aubergine, or as well as. The dish will still be delicious.


Spaghetti Squash with Fried Aubergine & Tomato

Preparation to Plate: 15 mins (60 mins if roasting the squash)

Serves 2-4 People

Serve hot

Consume within 3 days


750g Cooked Spaghetti Squash

1 Large Aubergine, diced

Cherry Tomatoes, quartered

Olive Oil, preferably not Extra Virgin

1-3 tsp Chilli Oil

White Pepper



1. Sprinkle the salt over the diced aubergines in a colander with a place underneath it. The salt will draw the water out of the aubergine and make it much easier to fry, as well as improving the flavour.

2. After five minutes or so heat some olive oil in a deep frying pan or skillet and fry the aubergines over a high heat until cooked.

spaghetti squash

3. Add the pre-cooked spaghetti squash to the pan, season with white pepper and continue to cook over a medium heat.

4. Once the squash is hot take the pan off the heat and add the chilli oil. I personally like my food really hot so add as much or as little as you like. I recommend at least 1-2 tsp minimum.

5. Stir together ensuring all the oil is mixed into the spaghetti squash and aubergine.

6. Add the cherry tomatoes to the pan and serve, add more white pepper and chilli oil for seasoning as you wish.

spaghetti squash

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