Spinach and Cheese Omelette

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Spinach and Cheese Omelette – Serves 1


So lately I have been trying to give up eating meat. I am not actually sure why, probably because I have a high proportion of vegetarian friends and am easily susceptible to peer pressure (see also: drinking, terrible 90s fashion and the one week in 2006 when I tried to be a smoker). Also if someone can explain to me why lesbians seem to be more likely to be vegetarian than the average population that would be great; I will pay you in cake.

Despite one terrible pork pie incident in week three (anyone who claims they saw me sobbing with gratitude in the middle of a pub and trying to hug the barman is obviously a liar) it has been going pretty well so far. However, thanks to my German upbringing I am not exactly a natural vegetarian. My lunch until now tended to consist of some kind of bread& cured meat combination (gherkin optional) and I am struggling a bit to find a vegetarian alternative. At the moment I am still too scared to try any of the quorn ham substitutes; I mean have you seen the colour of that stuff?! So I have been trying to find quick recipes that won’t take more than 10 mins and don’t contain any pasta, because otherwise I will spend my afternoon asleep. I hadn’t actually eaten an omelette in ages and I am not entirely sure why because I tend to always have all the ingredients in my fridge already. In any case it turned out to be totally delicious and with some added greens not even entirely unhealthy. So if you fancy a slightly nicer lunch or a light and easy dinner, give it a go!


3 eggs (2 also works but 3 is just better)

20g cheese

A handful of spinach

A generous knob of butter

Salt&pepper to season

Optional: a pinch of nut meg


1. Because the omelette will cook pretty quickly make sure you have your filling ready in advance. For the spinach and cheese option wash your spinach and then shake it dry so as little water as possible remains on the leaves. Grate your cheese and set aside.

2. Put a medium sized frying pan over a high heat. You really don’t want to use a pan that is too large or your omelette will be too thin and can burn before you have time to flip it over. The one I used was about 15cm in diameter.

3. Add the butter to the pan and wait for it to get sizzling hot.

4. In the meantime beat your eggs together then season with salt and pepper. I always add nutmeg to mine but I know it’s not for everyone. If you have never tried it you should definitely give it a go though.

5. You can add the cheese to the egg mixture at this stage if you prefer, but I like having it all gooey in the middle.

6. Pour the eggs into the frying pan and tilt it a couple of times so they spread out evenly. Keep doing this while the omelette is cooking. Most pans aren’t totally flat so if you don’t move the pan around a bit your omelette will be uneven.

7. Once your omelette is cooked (you can lift up one corner a little bit to check if you want to make sure), sprinkle the spinach and cheese in the middle of your omelette and fold the four sides on top of it.

8. Cook for another 10s to give the cheese a chance to melt, then slide onto a plate and you are done.

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