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Taurus bar is situated at the top of the legendary Canal Street in Manchester. A comfortably decorated space consisting of lounges and tables where you can enjoy either drinks with friends or a great selection of meals. The small number of tables for dining makes the space cosy but not tight, and the comfortably spaced couches in the lounge allow you to enjoy many hours without feeling like you’re in a crowded bar. The wait staff were polite and promptly served us as soon as we entered the room. We were given our table and drinks were quickly on the way. Doubles all round at the suggestion of the cute waiter – who was I to say no to such a face?

The dinner menu gave a good if not large selection of items, including various meats, poultry, and pasta dishes. Our group decided on the Moroccan Lamb, Steak and Ale Pie, and Linguine with King Prawns. As a starter we chose the Taurus Garlic Bread with herbs and tomato.

taurus manchester

The meals presented were at the high-end of pub meals. Well presented in their respective bowls or plates they looked as good as they tasted. The linguine was well cooked, and the sauce was rich and full of flavour. Lamb is one of my personal favourite dishes, and this one did not disappoint. It was well cooked, but tender and juicy, with a well tempered sauce that was not overpowering. The pie was handmade and had an ample supply of meat chunks and mushrooms, with a tasty but thin gravy. What the gravy lacked in thickness it made up for in taste, and the accompanying chips were cooked to perfection; crunchy on the inside and soft in the middle.

Given its location at the top of Canal Street, Taurus Bar is the perfect place to start on a night out in the Gay Village in Manchester. Whether it’s for dinner and drinks, or drinks and a show/event in their space downstairs, make sure Taurus bar is on your list of places to visit.

Total Bill: 38.85 (for four people, no drinks)

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