Top 6 Christmas presents for drink devotees

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With dedicated departments being open, decorations appearing and the John Lewis 2016 advert reportedly featuring a Randy Crawford cover, we can safely say that Christmas season has begun. For those present planners (rather than last-minute purchasers), the yearly worry about what to buy for Christmas presents returns to the forefront of our minds. If you happen to be buying for a foodie or drink devotee in your life, then our round-up of beverage-related presents offers some unusual, alternative options.

Super Cool Infusion Christmas gift foodie

1. Super Cool Infusion

The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack offers an alternative way to enjoy water with an enhanced juicy fruity taste. Blend your own flavours using the range of juicers and cutters provided in this set to come up with new and exciting drinks that fit with your taste buds exactly. Whether it’s Lemon and Lime, Kiwi and Cucumber or Clementine’s you fancy the choice is yours. With the Citrus Zinger it’s simple, easy and very, very tasty. All you need to do to produce your perfect infusion is untwist the bottom cup of your zinger turn it upside down, squeeze and slice your fruits of choice into the cup and put the bottom back on. Fill up the top with water and you are good to go. The 795ml bottle is BPA/Halogen/EA and Phthalate-free, making it safe for continuous use. It’s also been pressure tested ensuring it is safe for use with carbonated water, so if you want fizz-zing water you can use this.

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The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack includes the; Citrus Zinger 795ml Bottle, Citrus press for lemons, limes and clementine’s, Cucumber slicer and a Kiwi press for a refreshing dash of tropical flavour.

The Citrus Zinger Gift Pack is available to buy from priced £20.

Root 7 tumbler Christmas gift foodie

2. Root 7 Tumbler

The Root7 Tumbler blends fantastic design and aesthetics with excellent functionality. Made from triple insulated stainless steel, these products will not let you down if you are climbing mountains or, more likely, exploring the urban jungle.

The Tumbler comes in two sizes: Small (473ml) and Large (710ml) and features a clear lid so you can keep track of your consumption and avoid spills. It will keep your drinks chilled for up to 9 hours, and from extensive use in the office we can confirm it keeps your coffee hot for up to 3 hours.

The Root 7 Tumbler comes in a range of colours including Turquoise, White, Pink, Copper, Black, stainless steel and more The Root7 Tumbler starts at £22 from

Himalayan salt glass Christmas gift foodie

3. Himalayan Salt Shots

These Himalayan Salt Shots are a perfect accompaniment to your favourite tipple of tequila, mescal or cachaça. It’s time to drink in style. These are hand crafted from white and rose rock salt, mined in the Himalayas, the distinctive and unique design adds a much-needed subtle crystallised salty flavour to your shot, perfect in taking the edge off.

With the natural occurring colours that runs through the salt making each set completely original and unique with a translucent appearance.

Available in either a 2 pack (£14.99) or 4 pack (£25.00), either would make a great gift this Christmas. The 4-pack also comes with an Acacia wood serving board the perfect way to make an impact to any dining table. If you treat these mini pots of delight with the proper love and care they can see you through multiple Christmas parties.

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More information on the Himalayan Salt Shots at

Corkcicle Christmas gift foodie

4. Corkcicle

The innovative Corkcicle is a gadget that helps keep your wine chilled and brighten up your table. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours and your ready to use, the Cockcicle is available in vibrant blue, green, pink and orange.

The Corkcicle costs £15, more information at

Edible bubbles Christmas gift foodie

5. Edible Bubbles

BubbleLick Edible Bubbles are floaty orbs you can lick right out of the air. Just mix in your favourite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink with the special bubble mixture, and blow…

Bubbles are always awesome, and guaranteed to make you stop and stare in slack-jawed wonder. BubbleLicks are bubbles you can eat. Oh sure, you can’t live on them, but mix your favourite fruit juice or tasty tipple into the specially-developed bubble mix, and let fly. Before you know it, you’ll be blowing great plumes of boozy bubbles for your Christmas party guests to lap out of the air.

BubbeLick Edible Bubbles are priced at £12.99 and available from

Rechargeable light cork Christmas gift foodie

6. USB Rechargeable Bottle Light

The USB Rechargeable Bottle Light is a clever way to turn your old glass bottles into charming table lights. This tiny, portable light fits like a stopper into any bottle to make a great table light or garden decoration. A single charge will give you up to three hours of ultra bright LED light. And since this gift is an excuse to finish a bottle of wine, it’s always an excuse to open another bottle.

The USB Rechargeable Bottle Light is £8.99 available from

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