Try one of these three cocktails for International Gin and Tonic Day in Leeds

Vada That

This Friday (19 October 2018) is International Gin and Tonic Day! In order to celebrate, The Light in Leeds has some great ways to get involved in the special occasion. Check them out, if you can.


Rhubarb and Cucumber Collins: A delicious cocktail of Warner Edwards Victoria’s rhubarb gin, Campari, rhubarb cordial, lemon juice and cucumber bitters, topped with soda. Delicious and tarty, for the lover of cheeky drinks.


Orange and Passion Fruit Collins: The second cocktail on our list is less tart and more tropical: gin, lemon juice, passion fruit syrup and orange juice, topped with a dash of soda. It’s classy and fruity.

Miller & Carter

Raspberry and Peach Gintonica: A quintessentially British cocktail, this one includes Tanqueray gin, Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, peach bitters and raspberry cordial. It’s summery, floral and gentle.

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