Whittard of Chelsea – a teatime gift guide

Adam Lowe

Teatime is one of our favourite times of the day, here at Vada. Indeed, it’s a symbolic British tradition going back centuries now. So entrenched in everyday culture is it, that there are even rules on the teatime etiquette. How very British of us to codify even the taking of dried leaves in boiling water!

Because we know, though, how much Brits love their tea (and our friends overseas can get in on the fun too, of course), we’ve prepared this special gift guide to showcase some of the delicious teatime offerings from Whittard of Chelsea.

306431 FINE TEAS GIFTSET - Whittard Pack Shot

Finest Tea Gift Set with Gold Infuser

This gift set (£25) features four delicious teas and a gorgeous gold infuser which adds an element of ceremony to anyone’s high tea.


Hot chocolate

For those with a sweet tooth, we’d recommend tucking into some hot chocolate with marshmallows! Flavoured hot chocolates are £6 each and marshmallows are £4.50 a jar.

Whittard’s in-store wrapping and gift box service means you can select a range of items in boxes of three different sizes or pre-wrapped selections that cost from £15 to £35.

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Art of the Roast Gift Set


Whittard also has a nice range of coffees to round off any meal. The Art of the Roast gift set (£20) is a great starting place to try a bit of the best.

Whittard’s gift sets are available in Whittard’s stores across the country, as well as at whittard.co.uk.

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