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Anyone that has known me for some time will know that I have had a long and arduous battle with my hair and my many attempts to keep it under control. Now, after five years of trying, I feel that I have found some of the best hair care products on the market, perfect for those days when you have your very own hair-mare.


1) Before We Begin

As you should know, before you can even try and tame your mane, you have to treat it kindly. This starts in the shower. Washing your hair too often is bad for its prolonged health, as it dries out your hair and your scalp, making you prone to split ends and dandruff. Every other day or less is ideal, depending on your hair type.

My favourite shampoo products are Head and Shoulders (£4/500ml) and TreSemme (£5/900ml) as I find they provide the best results for most hair types. I think that Head and Shoulders works best for those with short hair, who don’t style regularly, and would choose TreSemme for longer hair, or hair that is straightened or styled on a regular basis.

TOP TIP: Make sure you find the right shampoo/conditioner combination for your hair!

2) Out of the Shower

After-care is something I dabbled in for a while before I got it right, and I think it’s possibly one of the most elusive and skipped-over parts of hair care. The best way to keep your hair looking (and feeling) its best once it’s clean is to ‘moisturise’. My hairdresser suggested that I put oil in my hair, after washing, as someone who suffers with flyaways, frizz and dry hair, to help it retain the  moisture it has naturally. This is when I came across Got2Be Oil-licious by Schwarzkopf (£5). This products uses Argan oil to help the hair retain its moisture, make styling easier and leaving hair feeling lusciously smooth.

Another great product to use is Lush’s R&B Hair Moisturiser (£10.95) which works to revive damaged hair and scalp, easier to manage and less likely to break. My only downside is that I find the scent can often be overpowering. Use only a very small amount.

TOP TIP: Make sure you towel dry your hair for the most part and only use the hair dryer to style. Remember frequent use will, again, dry out your hair and leave you open to split ends and damage.

3) It’s Getting Hot In Here

Heat is a great way to style your hair, but as I mentioned it can also be your worst enemy. Despite this, I am still an avid fan of straighteners. I believe one of the best competitors to GHDs out there (especially for short hair) are the Remington S3500s (£20). Their variable heat settings are brilliant for use on short, stubborn hair and provide a handy tool for creating diverse styles. As for hair dryers, although I am not a user, I have been told that the Babyliss Pro Speed (£22) is one of the best and the cold air feature is useful.

TOP TIP: Use in conjunction with after-care products for best results and minimal hair damage.

 4) Style It Up

You’ve gone through the rigorous process of primping and preening your hair, getting it ready for that big night out, but the question still remains, what do you put in it?

For me, there are only two products that will cut the mustard. Please bear in mind while reading this that I am a sufferer of ravenous hair syndrome. My hair will literally eat any product that you throw into it in a matter of hours, so proceed with caution. First up is Schwarzkopf ‘Powder’ful (£4), which is essentially your traditional hair putty, but in a powdered form. I warn you now, this product is eye-wateringly strong, but boy does it make for some fabulous hair styling. My second favourite product is VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray (£3). Weather resistant and elegantly strong, this is a must for casual styles and seamless control.

TOP TIP: Less is more. You can always add more product if you need it, but taking it out is much more tricky. Apply sparingly, work with what you have and build on it.


So there you have it! My top products and tips to perfectly fabulous hair. Now hit that dance floor hard and shake what your mama gave you.

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