Best Ways to Keep Your Skin Fresh In Winter

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Winter brings the harsh cold weather with it and with the Met office being on amber alert in the next few weeks, it’s only going to get colder. Wrap up warm and keep safe in doors! If you are venturing outside, and are worried about cold, dry and cracked skin, then these tips will help.

1) Don’t have anything too hot.

This goes for central heating, baths and showers. Think of your skin like a wet cloth, when it’s hot it dries out. Having things at a lower setting will mean less money on bills and more money on that hoodie or blanket that will keep you extra cosy for years to come. Also, with all the chemicals in tap water such as chlorine and fluoride this can worsen the skin and make it even drier.

2) Moisturise more.

Many people’s skin changes with severe weather changes – I know mine does. Some people slather on the same face cream that they’ve always used. Changing your moisturiser to one with more hydrating components such as oats, almond oil, glycerine and avocado will help with hydrating the skin. With the formula being thicker, you will tend to not use as much but get more hydration. Don’t forget about the eyes too, but remain delicate when applying.

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3) Drink water.

Similar to the previous point. The more water you drink, within reason, the healthier your skin will feel and look and the more hydrated skin you have.

4) Exfoliate.

For fresher, more vibrant skin, exfoliate. You know your skin in terms of sensitivity so get a product best suited to that. From everyday ones to once a week ones, there are loads of the market.

5) Don’t forget sunscreen.

Whilst the sun may not be shining as much as it is in the Summer, sun damage can still happen so try and get products with SPF in it or put on facial sunscreen left over from the Summer and you will be good to go.

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