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Not everyone can afford professional quality shampoo and conditioner at home, meaning our hair rarely looks and feels the same as it does right after a trip to the salon. A little secret to getting that glossy finish is to get yourself a good serum – which can usually be used on your skin too if you’re also in need of a deeply enriching moisturiser. Win, win! Some of the most common serums on the market right now are as follows:

Argan oil

Typically sourced from Morocco, argan oil is abundant in vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It will not only leave your hair hydrated, locking in moisture, but it also does an excellent job of nourishing your skin. Help restore brittle, frizzy or damaged hair that is sometimes unavoidable if you regularly colour or straighten/blow dry your hair. This multi-functional product is well worth the investment and will leave your hair the envy of others with its rich gloss finish.


Collagen is an amino acid that occurs naturally within the body that is already well known for keeping skin looking wrinkle free and young. But as you get older, your body’s collagen store starts to deplete, but your skin isn’t the only thing that it benefits! When hair becomes dry and weathered looking, a quality collagen serum can really help to strengthen hair structure and add radiance that your locks are lacking. With its antioxidant properties, it will also soothe inflamed scalps and stimulate hair growth.

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Coconut milk

Typically made with a mix of coconut milk and whipped egg white proteins, this sounds more like a dessert recipe – but trust us when we say it’ll work wonders on your hair! With its silk amino acids, this repair serum is the secret to sealing split ends and helping to prevent future breakage. Protect your hair against heat styling tools, add shine and tame frizzy hair with this lightweight serum that also smells divine.


If you long for thicker, fuller and denser hair that’s super shiny, try a multi-peptide serum! This deeply penetrating formula will transform lacklustre hair and encourage circulation for improved hydration and healthier hair follicles. Regularly massaged into a clean, dry scalp, it can help combat thinning hair, while also replenishing your locks with its plant extracts and multiple peptide ingredients.

Remember, that while serums can help your hair stay in good condition, it’s also best to avoid using hair straighteners, curlers and other heated styling tools which can damage your hair almost instantly. This leads to lifeless and dull hair which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve!

On average, it’s recommended that you use hair serums twice or thrice a week to nourish and protect hair. However, do check the ingredients to check they are naturally made and free of any silicon or other harmful preservatives.

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