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Nivea Men has launched two new additions to a range for all those who have super sensitive skin!

The Sensitive Cooling collection contains no alcohol, meaning less irritation and burning from things such as shaving and high levels of exercise.

With the Sensitive Cooling Shaving Gel (£4.54) and Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm (£7.10), your shave will be a smooth one! Fantastic for those 57% of men who have sensitive skin as they can now shave in peace!

The line has also been reformulated to now include witch hazel – a well known soother and a fabulous antiseptic – as well as chamomile, and vitamin E in all products from the range from face wash to shower gel and deodrant.

The advert for this range is somewhat brilliant and somewhat terrifying! Featuring highliner Tancrede Melet, steep-skier Vivian Bruchez and mountaineer Antoine Moineville this videos show what it’s like to live life on the edge! You will be looking at the screen peeping through your fingers!

Take a look one of the ads below:

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All of the products can be bought from Nivea stockists and at

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