Try out Tai Chi to improve your office wellbeing

Try out Tai Chi to improve your office wellbeing
Tim Firmager
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Tai Chi, originally created as a form of martial arts, is used across the world to stretch, relive physical tension and combat stress levels. Tai Chi master Betty Sutherland has found interest in this art has increased, and has therefore developed a series of movement to help ease aches and pains specially for office workers.

With 20 years’ experience, the Tai Chi master has developed a series of exercises specifically to aid wellbeing of office workers. The exercises are designed to be done in just five minutes. This gentle form of exercise can be done at your work station or in a quiet corner to re-energise your work efforts. Combining smooth flowing movements with grounding breathing exercises can make a huge difference to your productivity. Movements include Building the Bridge, Silk Reeling, Pull the Bow to Shoot the Arrow and Turning the Waist.

Ms Sutherland has noted that there has been a recent rise in interest from the corporate world in this ancient art: “Myself and fellow Tai Chi teachers have found a massive interest in the art over the last couple of years. Businesses are really using the techniques for their staff – whether for mindfulness or physical health.

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“I have delivered regular sessions for solicitors’ offices and housing associations, and my colleague does regular sessions for an insurance group. People are recognising the improvement to staff morale and wellbeing.”

Office supplier, Staples said partnered with Betty to create a short video (below) to demonstrate how you can incorporate these stress-relieving exercises into your working day. A Staples spokesman said “The many physical and mental benefits of Tai Chi, make it perfect for people working in an office. Betty is a qualified Tai Chi practitioner and trainer with more than 20 years of experience. Originally from Scotland, she has pioneered the teaching of Tai Chi to children in primary schools across the country, allowing them to gain the physical and mental benefit of the martial art.”

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