How are our sex lives adapting during lockdown?

Sex lives adapting during lockdown

We explore how trends in our sex lives are changing during lockdown, from people exploring sexual fantasies to selling personal items and embracing high-tech pleasure.

Sexual fantasies

During lockdown couples living together potentially have had more time to explore sexual fantasies, and those living alone have been (frustrated and) fantasising. A recent survey undertaken by revealed some interesting results.

The top three fantasies, as percentages of women who want to try them, are being blindfolded (35%), having sex in a Jacuzzi (31%), and having sex in an elevator (26%).

At the opposite end of the spectrum, men’s top three fantasises (as percentages who want to try them) are bringing in a third person (36%), having sex over video call (30%) and having sex in a Jacuzzi (26%).

Sex lives adapting during lockdown - selling underwear

Selling personal items

Whilst some are taking to trying out their sexual fantasies, others are becoming entrepreneurial. And by that we mean an alternative (or addition) to setting up an account. have also found that as a means to raise additional income (particularly for those who have been let go from their jobs), people can sell (used) personal items.

Selling used underwear is by far the most common personal item, with an increase in online searches from this time last year and an average price of £20 per pair.
Similarly, selling used shoes, used gym gear and used socks could all bring in some extra earnings.

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At the more unusual end of the scale, some people are willing to buy urine, toe nails, pubic hair and armpit hair. There is a market for most things.

Sex lives adapting during lockdown - Satisfyer Connect products

High-tech pleasure

For those wanting some high-tech pleasure, the sex toy industry has been undergoing a quiet revolution, either through enhancing sex toys with remotely control by apps, or finding other ways to add to the sexual experience.

Wellness tech brand Satisfyer is one such company, which has recently launched its SATISFYER CONNECT app. SATISFYER CONNECT has been designed for people to explore and enjoy sensual experiences be that either alone or with a partner, whether close to each other or at a distance. This is an interesting sexual proposition for partners who are not able to see each other because of lockdown restrictions for example. Features include

  • ‘music vibe’, where the connected device vibrates to the rhythm of the users’ music.
  • ‘ambient sound’ where the vibrations are in correlation with a partner’s voice.
  • Alarm function, where users can set reminders for a ‘love date’ or as a fun start to the day.

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