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I used to be rather fit when I was younger. A lot of people say this and it’s most probably true. When we were young we could get away with eating as much junk food as we liked, drinking as many sugary alcopops or pints as we could take, and as long as we spent the night dancing it was no problem. But let’s face the facts, none of us are getting any younger. With age comes the difficulty of shedding pounds and staying slim, and no-one wants to be that gay guy who goes home to a big mac.

I moved house three months ago and since then I have gotten out of the habit of going to The Gym where I’m a member. Its too damn busy to go after I finish work and I like to spend my evenings watching TV and playing video games on the couch. By the time the gym has quietened down I’m settled into my evening and it would be nothing short of a miracle to get me off the couch to go and exercise.

I’m by no means overweight, I jumped on the scales this morning and weighed in at 10 stone 4 pounds. I’m 5 foot 7 inches and I’m 28. This puts me in the healthy spectrum for my BMI, but I’m all too aware that my stomach isn’t flat anymore and that I have a few extra pounds on my body. What I need is something that I can fit into my life and produces results.

So, enter Insanity. I first heard of this on an early morning Infomercial, so that’s hardly a glowing review, but looking into it online shows that a large number of people have had excellent results from this. Just googling the insanity work out shows a wealth of people’s before and after pictures showing excellent results.

So onto the obvious part of this. I am going to do Insanity, starting today (Sunday 6th October) and report back to all of you wonderful people at Vada every week with an update on how it’s going. I will tell you the truth, every horrible detail, but don’t panic, although I have taken pictures before so I can track my progress, I have no intention of subjecting you all to them unless at the end there really is a marked difference and I want to show it off.

So how did my first session of Insanity go? Well, so far, not so great. Insanity is hard, DAMN HARD. I admitted at the start that I wasn’t in the best shape these days but I didn’t imagine a 30 min workout DVD would bring me to my knees and I mean that literally. Have a towel at hand because dripping sweat on your floor isn’t sexy.

Your first DVD on the Insanity program is a fitness test, you do this roughly every two weeks to track your progress. It’s basically a warm up followed by 1 min of powering as many of a certain move as you can, rest for 1 min and then move on. Finally the cool down came and I sounded like a pregnant woman who had just hit her first contraction. This isn’t pretty, dont let the pros on the DVD trick you. Here are my results, I will post them every two weeks when I get them so you can track my progress with me.

Day 1Day 15Day 36Day 50Day 63
Switch Kicks64
Power Jacks32
Power Knees60
Power Jumps19
Globe Jumps6
Suicide Jumps12
Push-Up Jacks20
Low Plank Oblique32

So here’s to week one of Insanity. Fingers crossed that I can make it.

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