Introducing Beard Oils by Power Health

Samuel Alexander

Make your beard even hotter – literally! Introducing Power Health’s new beard oils!

The beard oils come in two different blends, warming and citrus. It’s been my pleasure to give both a these blends a try.

Both blends are packed with all-natural ingredients that moisturise both your skin and your beard. Even if you don’t have a beard, these oils are great for your skin! To top it all off the ingredients come with a multitude of other health benefits, and irresistible scents.

The moment I opened the box I was met with the enchanting aroma of the warming blend, containing black pepper and cypress. This blend will soften your beard, leaving it supple and strokable, not to mention that beard itch will be long gone!


The cypress in the warming blend is great for beard owners with oily skin. Cypress reduces excess oil build up leaving your skin beautiful and blemish free. On top of that, the cypress promotes beard growth and helps to prevent breakage and dryness.

The citrus blend is easily my favourite – I’ve always loved citrus scents. Now my beard smells lemon fresh!

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The bergamot in the citrus blend really helps lift your mood and increases alertness. It comes complete with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Coupled with the antiviral and detoxifying properties of the lemon in this blend, you’ll have clear skin and a soft beard in no time!

The citrus blend also has the added bonus of jojoba oil – that’s an extra helping of vitamins A, D and E for your face and beard.

Since using Power Health’s beard oils, my beard has never felt softer! And it’s never smelled more uplifting. Now every time I give my beard a quick stroke (that’s how beard owners tap in to their wisdom), I’m greeted with the uplifting scents of Power Health’s blends.

Whether you’ve got a big bushy beard, a bit of stubble or no beard at all, Power Health’s blends will do wonders for your skin!

Thank you Power Health!

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