How to manage your sex life while travelling

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by Eva Henderson

After endless winter months of work, stress and overtime, followed by getting home to such delightful chores as washing, ironing and cooking – you feel the need for a break. That break sometimes turns out to be as tiring as your working days. That is unless, of course, you take an all-inclusive vacation.

No matter what kind of holiday you take, though, it should be the perfect opportunity for you and your partner (or partners – casual or otherwise) to take full advantage and have quality sex.

Down below (no pun intended), you will find a list of things which you might find helpful if you are planning a vacation with your significant other.

Be ready for everything

First: plan ahead. Take condoms, dental dams, lube, toys – or anything else essential for your wildest dreams to come true.

Second: talk it over with your partner. If you’ve got more than one partner, or are planning to play the field, discuss with them what they’re into and how you can both (or all) enjoy your time together.

Take your sun protection lotion with you

Sunscreen is essential if you’re planning anything el flagrante. Or even if you just plan to top up your tan before you indulge in some indoors nooky! Burnt skin is painful and not exactly conducive to hot sex (even if you feel hot with sunstroke)!

If you’re with a partner at the beach, you can make rubbing up a sensual experience and learn more about each other’s bodies.

Let your partner organize some of the activities

If you’re usually the organiser, maybe it’s time to relax and let your partner take the lead. However, if they’re usually the planner, then maybe you should take the lead – so that they can genuinely relax on your trip.

It doesn’t have to anything extensive. Even if your or your partner organises a small day trip, a romantic dinner, or an activity you can both enjoy, that’s one less thing for the organiser among you to worry about. This will make you or your significant other appreciate the sharing of responsibilities – and there’s nothing sexier than someone meeting your needs for a change.

Relaxation is key to good sex!

Try the ice

If your vacation takes place in a hot climate (who in Britain doesn’t want to flee this endless drizzle?), a slowly applied ice cube can invoke all kinds of pleasurable feelings. It can also cool you down when things get hot!

Pro tip: take a mouthful of warm water and go down on your partner. Then spit it out and put an ice cream or a small blob of ice cream on your tongue. When you do this, the sensations will be heightened. You can then alternate between the two as needed.

Take your toys with you

If you have sex toys that are spicing your sex lives, you should pack them safely – but don’t forget to take out the batteries before you do. It will save you from an embarrassing situation at the airport where you might have to open your bag if there’s anything vibrating inside.

You could pack them in your hand luggage, but there’s even more potential for embarrassment if the security guards have to go through your luggage for any reason.

Do some research

There are countries that are not very permissive when it comes to couples and public displays of affection. There are also some countries where it’s illegal to be LGBT or where same-sex sexual activity is completely or partially criminalised. Others may not criminalise gay sex but may have cultures that aren’t congruent with certain or all elements of LGBT life.

You should take into consideration that there are places where even kissing in public is illegal, and there are some places where women can’t drive or must cover up. Also, there are countries where sex toys are not legal (Saudi Arabia, India, and The United Arab Emirates).

Some countries are more tolerant of trans people than they are of LGB people.

Use the morning to your advantage

Usually, when taking a long holiday you try to plan every day you have in order to maximise your time away. Bear this in mind when planning your conjugal fun times.

Leaving sex till the evening means you may be too tired or perhaps you find you’ve just had too much champagne and want to go to bed. If you use the mornings to have sex, then you’ll start your day energised and feel much better.

Next time you plan a vacation, keep these things in mind or print this list in order to make your sex life better.

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