Maximuscle Prize Competition! The 30 Day Challenge

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Vada’s 30 day challenge!!


Want to get fit? We’re here to help. For the next thirty days we want to set you a challenge to win a bundle of Maximuscle goodies.


Each day you will be put through your paces by completing a set of activities to feel the burn with every added day getting harder and harder.


1                  20                       20s                
2 25 25s
3 30 30s
4 REST 35s
5 40 40s
6 45 45s
7 50 REST
8 REST 50s
9 60 60s
10 65 70s
11 70 80s
12 REST 90s
13 80 100s
14 90 REST
15 95 110s
16 REST 120s
17 100 135s
18 105 150s
19 110 165s
20 REST 180s
21 115 REST
22 120 190s
23 125 200s
24 REST 210s
25 130 230s
26 135 250s
27 140 270s
29 145 300s
30 150 330s
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The prize consists of a bundle of Maximuscle products that will be tailored for your goal, worth around £100. If you’re looking to build your size and strength, Cyclone shakes and bars in the blue range can help you bulk up for the summer.

If you’re looking to lose a bit of weight, or develop a leaner frame, the green range, featuring Promax Lean shakes and bars would be the one for you. Play a lot of sports, and need to recover quickly after the game?

The high protein red range is the one we’ll recommend for you. Maximuscle is the UK’s number 1 sports nutrition brand, and supply sports nutrition to some of the country’s leading athletes, including Amir Khan, Greg Rutherford and The Lions.

All these amazing prizes could be YOURS if you complete our program and send us photo/video evidence of the change/development. Send your before & after evidence to

You don’t have to be already sporty, in shape etc, we are wanting to give away £100 of prizes to the reader who we feel has shown great improvement.

Closing date Friday, August 30th, 2013! Let’s get physical!


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