Maximuscle 30 Day Challenge – Results

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After a tough month for many of our readers, it has been great to see some amazing determination and grit from all those who have completed our Maximuscle 30 day challenge.

Before announcing the winner, we’d like to say thank you to all those who have entered. We do hope that you not only started to develop yourselves physically, but also gained a taste for fitness along the way. The 30 day challenge is a launchpad, that we hope will inspire some of our readers to pursue this routine further, and see what you can do if you really put your mind to it.

The challenge was pretty simple, but for many, allocating a few minutes each day for personal fitness can be a big challenge. So congratulations to you for sticking to it!

Overall though, the challenge wasn’t set to discourage anyone, or to make an example of anyone (good or bad), it was established to help. Anyone could benefit from it, for example if you wanted to lose weight, tone up or simply for basic fitness.

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Now, here’s the fun part, announcing the winner!



The winner is…. Aaron Holloway, from Germany! We’ve seen clear growth physically and internally that we feel will benefit from the Maximuscle products. The variety of products will be able to enhance his development so that he can continue on. Congratulations!

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