Not For Me Thanks! I’m On A Diet

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Diet. Possibly the most misused, misinterpreted and misunderstood word that I come across in my daily life.

Let’s consider the title mentioned above: “Not for me thanks! I’m on a diet.”

Used by a good friend of mine recently; great figure, healthy lifestyle and generally sticks to a well balanced diet. Now this friend of mine is partial to indulge from time to time, most typically at the weekend, yet Monday to Friday sticks to a routine which Sasha Fierce herself would be happy to follow.

Yet come Monday it’s all hands on deck once more.

“I’m serious this time. I’ve stocked up on Weightwatchers.” (Weightwatchers, who made a $77.5 million profit in 2012. Surely if these products had long term successful results then this company would be in administration?)

I find it quite bizarre that my friend would opt to consume something that has been tampered with so much that the amount of vitamins and minerals, which are so beneficial to our bodies, is practically non-existent.

I tell my friend: “Surely it would be better to stick to natural food groups rather than all this media driven, manufactured rubbish?”

To which she responds: “Yes, but it’s less calories and less points”.

I  now explode with frustration. Why do we as a nation place such an emphasis on calorie counting and ‘points’? The calories we need on a daily basis vary from person to person dependant on their muscle mass, how much exercise they do, age, gender and other factors. Considering that every day in our life is different, then surely each day we need a varying amount of calories and if your body does in fact crave food then don’t restrict yourself, just be sensible with it! Moderation is the key my friends.

Might I also add that my friend also exercises on a regular basis and is a very competent long distance runner, which makes the fact she chooses to fuel her body with all these processed meals of nothingness anger me even more! We need nutrients people. I’m talking vegetables; natural, fresh, vitamin filled vegetables!

Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby correctly put:

“You wouldn’t dream of putting the wrong petrol or oil into your car. Food is your fuel. Getting your body’s fuel mix right will help you perform at your best too. Why mooch along like an old wreck when you can be zooming into life like a well-tuned sport’s car?” Amen Catherine!

As a nation, why do we allow companies like Weightwatchers to tell us what we should be eating? Surely this is just a lazy approach. Take back your meals, have some passion and a sense of pride in your diet. After all your ‘diet’ is the food and drink which you consume on a daily basis and not something which you should feel forced to do. Enjoy it.

So, look in your fridge and think about whether or not that ready meal or meal replacement shake is really giving you all the nutrients that your body wants and needs. After all, we get all our energy from the food we eat, therefore the fresher and more natural our food is, the more energy we are going to be getting and ultimately the better we are going to feel.

Choose good food!

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