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Vada Agony Aunt Sam Johnson dishes out this week’s hard love: A Single Man, FreshLoose & My Boss is Robert Mugabe.


I watched A Single Man the other day, and you know that bit at the start where he wakes up and immediately regrets it?

It just sent a shiver down my spine. That’s how I feel everyday. He hasn’t died, he walked out on me a few months ago. I just dream he’s still here and wake up to find he isn’t there beside me. Just get through the goddamn day. It just summed up where I am right now and I know it’s not healthy. How do you get over it? How do you move on? How do I get better?

It’s impossible to answer this without resorting to clichéd, oversimplified phrases.

There’s a good reason why the saying; “time is the best healer” caught on and became the go-to expression for your friends to use so they can avoid an in-depth discussion about why you’re so sad; because it’s true. You will feel better with time. You will enjoy your time being single more than you ever did being in a relationship if you make the most of it (that doesn’t mean put it about like the slut below).

I believe that everybody needs those carefree single years so that you get to know yourself, what you genuinely want and to make sure you’re confident in yourself before venturing into another relationship.

Also, watch films that don’t reduce people to a tearful mess.


It’s the end of freshers week and I’ve slept with 3 guys. Am I a slut? Don’t want to get a rep!

If you have to ask, you know the answer.


The pressure at work is intense. I try and keep up but they have unrealistic sales targets and sometimes you just can’t get close. I’m scared if I talk to my boss about this I’ll be seen as the weak one and be marked out. Should I speak up?

You make it sound like your employer is Robert Mugabe.

Talk to your superior about how you’re struggling to meet the targets in a way that doesn’t imply that they’re unrealistic. Mention that you’re finding it hard to meet them, you don’t want to let people down and that you’d like his or her help to achieve your potential. It’s not 1979, you’re not going to get singled out.

After you’ve talked to them, if you’re still finding it difficult, maybe you need to think whether it’s the right place for you to work. Sales definitely isn’t for everybody and it isn’t worth getting stressed about.

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