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My name is Oliver Wilde, since coming out to my friends and family at the age of sixteen I have been very comfortable with my sexuality. I moved from my hometown just outside of London, down to the South coast to start living in Brighton. Coming from a town with one small gay bar that was mainly used by straight punters because it stayed open later than any other club in the town I wasn’t exactly prepared for what was in store.

Having family in the city helped as I was able to move in with my aunt instead of worrying about finding a place to live. I had managed to time the move perfectly for the weekend of Gay Pride, I thought what better way to get to know the city?

Luckily I wasn’t alone as my two best friends from home had travelled down for the weekend with me to help me settle in.

“Let’s get this started, why have you even wasted time unpacking? We should have just gone straight out!” Sean complained. I had met Sean three years before hand, it took a while for our friendship to get anywhere but once we realised how much of a connection we had we did everything together. I couldn’t think of a better person to come with me to help start my new life.

“I’m sorry, I’m almost ready to leave.” I told him. “I couldn’t decide what to wear.”

“Who cares what you are wearing you’re only going to meet someone that wants to rip it off you shortly anyway.” He replied.

“Sean, please tell me you are going to at least try and spend some time with us this weekend before you meet someone.” Dom chimed in. I hadn’t known Dom for very long but we both shared a love of clothes and vodka that brought us together instantly.

“Yes, I promise.” Sean said, I couldn’t tell if he was trying to convince himself more than us, we all knew this promise wouldn’t last and soon enough he would be off with someone else.

The three of us soon left my Aunt’s house and followed the parade down to park holding the fair. The streets were packed with men in tiny hot pants covered in glitter. I had never experienced anything like it and I loved every part of it.

“Why have we not ever been to anything like this before?” Dom asked me.

“I have no idea, we should never have waited this long we should have done this years ago.” I tell him.

“We weren’t in the right place for this experience even last year. Oli you have gotten a lot hotter over the past year. I’m sorry but you have, you were still carrying a little weight that you have now managed to get rid of. You have blossomed!” Sean exclaimed.

“Hey! Dick!” I shouted as I gave him a smack.

“What it may not be the nicest thing to say but it is true, just accept it.” He replied with a chuckle, Sean may not be the most tactile guy ever but at least you knew where you stood with him.

Once through the gates of the park we made our way directly to the dance tent. It was packed, the three of us began dancing together the way that we normally did on a night out. Myself and Dom mockingly dancing together while Sean half heartedly danced with us while scoping out the tent for the hottest guy nearby.

“Oh for goodness sake Sean come here, the three of us have come here to spend time together!” Dom said as he took hold of Sean’s arm and pulled him in between the two of us as we sandwiched him.

At that moment I felt someone behind me begin to push himself up against me, I turned quickly to come face to face with a guy who could have only been a few years older than myself. He smiled looking right into my eyes, I was taken aback by how attractive he was.

“Don’t mind us will you” Sean said, as I turned back to face him I could see the look on his face to say your going to pay for this after giving me grief earlier.

“I’m sorry, we came here to spend time together.” I told the stranger.

“That’s okay.” He replied with a grin. “My name is Mitch, it was very nice to meet you.”

There was something about his smile that drew me in “It was nice to meet you Mitch, my name is Oli.”

The three of us left the tent to grab some food, “I need a burger or a hotdog or something I’m starving.” Dom told us.

“How like you Dom, always thinking with your stomach” Sean laughed. “We are surrounded by hot men and alcohol, but nope you want a burger. If I’m going to stuff a sausage in my mouth I want it to be attached to someone, not in a bun.”

At that moment Sean spotted a group of guys forming a human pyramid and ran over towards them. “Hey guys get ready for another on top!” Before Dom or myself could say anything he bundled on top of them aiming a huge grin in our direction.

Having gotten diving into a pile of men out of his system Sean let us go to grab some food. Not having much of a taste for food from vans I managed to convince the two of them to go for a proper meal before we went to the club.

Whilst waiting in the queue for Revenge, a girl came up to me “Hey my friend thinks you are really cute.” I felt like I was back in school, had he really got his friend to come over to me and tell me that he was interested rather than come and talk to me himself.

“Um thank you.” I told her.

“Maybe he would like to come and say hello to Oli himself” Sean told her as he gave me a little wink.

“Hi I’m Chris, sorry I didn’t expect Sophie to come over like that. I did say you were hot. I think you’re hot.” He tells me.

“Oh that’s fine, well thank you. I guess if she hadn’t have said anything you wouldn’t have spoken to me would you?” I ask him.

“No I guess not. I would have wanted to but I wouldn’t have had the guts to”. He tells me.

At that moment he plants a kiss on my lips pushing his tongue into my mouth.

“Woah, so you were held back about coming to talk to me but you had no problem with doing that.” I say with a little grin spreading across my face.

“Come on Oli let’s go inside” Dom says to me.

Before long the three of us have had a large number of drinks and my vision begins to blur. It doesn’t take Sean long to find a guy and disappear off with him, leaving Dom and myself to dance. With neither of us knowing the area very well we do not want to lose the other, so we keep close to each other for the rest of the night.

I am awoken the next morning by my phone buzzing under my pillow, Sean’s name is flashing on the screen. “Hello” I answer, my head throbbing and mouth so dry it barely opens.

“I’m at a café just down the road from the house, wake Dom and come and meet me, I need to tell you everything.” He says just before he hangs up the phone.

As my bottle of water arrives I rub it over my forehead in a vain attempt to cool myself down and stop the throbbing headache I have. Dom’s laid his head on the table having not been happy that I woke him up he was doing all he could to cram in some more sleep.

“He was amazing! We stayed up all night, no one has ever made me feel like that. I came three times.” He told me as he took a bite of his toast.

“Three times, where you not tired after the second?” I ask him.

“No way I didn’t want to stop, if I had the chance we wouldn’t have stopped at three we would have gone again and again.”

“Wow and you’re doing very well for having next to no sleep, you don’t even look tired.” I tell him.

“And do you want to know the best thing?” He asks me. “He lives just north of London too! He lives about twenty minutes from me.”

“I’m sorry what? You want to see him again? Dom that’s not like you at all. With you they are lucky if they get to spend the entire night.” What he has said has me in shock.

“I know, but he lives so close to me back home, maybe I was meant to meet him here. I mean after all we have travelled all this way and then I meet him here to find out that we can still be close to each other when we leave. We have already agreed to go out for dinner next week.” He continues.

Was Dom right had he really travelled all this way for him to meet this guy? Had something brought the pair of them together? For some reason the thought of travelling miles to meet someone that lived close to him at home had changed all of Dom’s thoughts on men.

Once we finished breakfast we went back to my Aunt’s house to relax and get a little more rest before heading back out. With the other two asleep on the sofa I feel a ping on my phone, as I open up Grindr there is a message from Mitch.

“Good morning Oli, did you have a good night?” It reads.

I close the conversation and see that he is only a matter of feet away. He must live next door. Of all of the people that I could have bumped into the dance tent the night before I managed to meet the guy who lives next door.

Maybe the city wasn’t as big as I thought it was.

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