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So you want to have a nice pamper day. You love spas but your bank balance doesn’t love you? Why not try these beauty products and have the perfect, affordable personal spa day. Just requires a bath tub.

Everyone loves a good bath and there’s no denying that there is nothing better than a Lush bath. All the essential oils and beautiful fragrance will make your skin lovely, soft and will leave the bathroom smelling beautiful all night long. With new Easter and Mother’s Day products out, there is plenty of choice. My current favourite is the Madame Butterfly bubble bar wand smelling of rose, lemon and vanilla. Perfect for the start of Spring, and you can use it more than once too!

lush butterfly


Without candles and bath bombs, your personal spa day would be very boring and not the most relaxing. Candles from Jo Malone are just that. Relaxing and decadent and you will just love lighting one – maybe one in every room? The Pomegranate Noir scent is simply divine and is something that will instantly relax you.


Hair Treatment

Facemasks are something that many of us do. However, a hair treatment or mask is one that many of us often neglect but it’s so good for the hair. Lush do amazing prewash treatments. One I would recommend is most definitely Roots. Full of peppermint, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and nettles, this works wonders for a bad scalp and leaves the hair feeling soft and silky.


Bath Oils

Bath oils nourish the skin. Perfect for a pamper spa day or if you tend to get dry skin in the Winter. The White Company do fantastic bath products including bath salts and candles, but their Blanc bath oil is such a crisp floral scent, I find myself returning to it time and time again. This one also has apricot and sweet almond oil to hydrate and soften, and it truly does.


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