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It’s always difficult to write travel articles. You can’t write a travel article about a destination you haven’t visited, so basically you can only write about the things that you’ve seen and witnessed.

But it’s so hard to put everything into words, to describe all the feelings that you get once you visit that specific place. There are always either those “God I wanna go back” or the “Ugh I cannot write about this awful place” moments.

As far as Prague is concerned, the problem lies in how much there is to see and experience. I really want to go back (48 hours’ excitement will do), but I’m gonna swallow this for now and help you find your way through this amazing, historic European city.

Mind where you sleep

First of all, you need to book your accommodation in advance if you want to go to Prague. Czech hunters are all over the city, so if you don’t want to end up on Xtube make sure to know where you’re staying at (but then again, even if you do want to have a bit of a Czech hunter experience, it would be advisable to have your accommodation booked beforehand).

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Since Prague is a big city, there are plenty of different hostels, motels and hotels that you can choose from. However, the best idea would be to find a good LGBT hostel or a hotel in the center of the city and stay there. Alternatively, you can use AirBnB, which is always a safe, yet affordable option – or MisterBnB, for an LGBT alternative.

You want to be within walking distance of the center of the city, so make sure you consult the map before making the payment, or you’ll spend a lot of time walking.

What to pack?

Bear in mind that Prague is always a bit chillier than the rest of Europe, so always pack something warmer just in case. If you’re visiting Prague in spring, then bring the warmest jumpers that you own, as the wind can be quite annoying at certain parts.

Also, pack all of your most comfortable clothes as sightseeing in Prague means a lot of walking.

This is why wearing the most comfortable men’s underwear is really crucial. Don’t forget comfortable shoes as you don’t want blisters on your feet – how the hell are you going to go out and party in Prague with blisters on your feet?

Wining and dining…

As far as drinking and eating in Prague is concerned, there’s one word that you need to remember – beer. Everything in Prague is about the beer, so if you want to be very authentic, try to find the best craft beer bars and have as many different types of craft beer as you can. Also, the food in Prague is also great and it doesn’t have to be very expensive – you should totally visit Farm Letna in Holesovice, where you can have a great portion of many different Czech meals for less than 15 euros.

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A city rich in history and culture

The two most important sights that you need to see in Prague are definitely Karl’s Bridge and Hradcany, as the view will definitely leave you in awe. However, if you’re up for seeing what else Prague has to offer and seeing the more authentic side of the city, make sure to check Holesovice, which is a great art district. Also, visiting Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague is a must for every fashionista, because there is always something fun on show.

For example, when I visited the museum, there was a showcase of textile design by Asher, a worldwide famous textile manufacturer, who worked with many amazing artists like Picasso, Christian Dior,  Cristóbal Balenciaga and many other.

… and the moments before sixty-nineing

Prague is a very dynamic and lively city, and the gay scene is also very strong. Not only will you be able to find a club where you can dance and meet cute boys, but you can also hit a gay sauna, experience their LGBT pride in October or the Queer Film Festival in November.

However, regardless of the month of your visit, remember the name Vinohrady as this is the center of gay life in Prague.

You’ll definitely love Prague. It can be rainy at times and super chilly, but it’s indeed quite magical. Once you get into the centre, you will have the feeling of being in a medieval town that you don’t want to get away from. It’s definitely a recommendation from me.

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