Sex toy review: Aneros prostate massager – Helix Syn Trident

Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Aneros is the company behind the most popular prostate massagers on the market, and it has recently released its latest version: the Helix Syn Trident. At Vada we are open to furthering our (and your) knowledge of sexual experiences, so we tried out this Aneros product.

The Helix Syn Trident

The velvet-touch silicone massager is designed to offer hands free pleasure from a prostate massage – no need to rely on another, unless of course you prefer that. The larger head gives stimulation of the prostate, and the two external arms simultaneously stimulate externally, one on the perineum.

The toy length is about 4 inches, which is sufficient to reach the prostate in almost all men, so no size queen comments please.

How does the toy work?

We tried out the Helix Syn Trident as well as another model, the Maximus Trident (white), which is almost identical in shape but made from a slightly firmer material. Both work in the same way. Once lubed, and gently inserted into the anus, when a man contracts his anal sphincter muscles, the perineum arm acts as a fulcrum against which the toy pivots. This means inside you, the head will rub up against the prostate each time you contract.

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On first use this sensation can seem slightly unusual, but we found by breathing, and staying relaxed it quickly became more pleasurable. The experience overall is liberating, as you can explore different positions once the toy is inside. Playing with the toy with a partner helped build the sexual sensations towards climax.

The Helix Syn Trident is good for beginners as well as more experienced users of prostate massagers. Aneros advise that repeatedly using the toy will build to progressively rewarding orgasms. So through practice and exploration of your own body, the Helix Syn Trident could be a tool to help achieve a super-O.

Vada verdict

Having a selection of sex toys from which to choose depending on mood and situation is never a bad thing, and a prostate massager should be amongst those. The Helix Trident and Maximus Trident both lived up to their aim, helping achieve climax as part of a sexual experience, either with a partner or alone.

The black and red packaging with the snap-shut boxes give a professional suggestion to the toy when it is first opened. The silicon material means the Aneros product is very easy to rinse after use, for next time.

Aneros plan to release a hands-free vibrating prostate massager, later this year. We recommend keeping a look out for that also.

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