Sex toy review: Aneros Vice 2 – vibrating prostate massager

Aneros Vice 2

Sexual health and wellness company, Aneros has launched its newest product, the Vice 2 vibrating prostate massage. Having previously tried out their prostate massager (Helix Syn Trident), we decided to give their new vibrating product a go.

About Vice 2

Based on their previous version, Vice, which won an award for Outstanding Male Product, the Vice 2 continues to bring technology and quality to provide immense pleasure. Vice 2 is a vibrating prostate massager featuring 18 vibration patterns with four speeds, providing a range of sensory experiences from the delicately subtle to the exquisitely intense. The product is made from a smooth silicone, similar to the Helix Syn Trident.

The Vice 2 is controlled by a rechargeable interactive remote unit, and includes a magnetic charging port.

Aneros also host their Aneros Forum, which creates a sex-positive, safe atmosphere for consumers to learn about their products and discover how to make the most of them.

How does Vice 2 work?

Both remote control and Vice 2 need to be charged before use. There’s a power button to turn on the Vice 2, which should be lubed before being gently inserted into the anus. Once fully inserted use the wireless remote to scroll through the 18 settings. If you’ve not tried anything vibrating in your bottom before, the sensation can feel a little unusual at first, but breathing slowly to relax will help make the experience more pleasurable.

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When you’re finished, gently pull out the Vice 2 holding on to the arms of the toy. Turn off, and wash and dry – as it’s silicone, it’s very easy to keep clean. Don’t forget to recharge for the next time.

Vada Verdict

The toy length is just over 4 inches, which is sufficient to reach the prostate in almost all men. We suggest trying different positions to find which gives you the most pleasure. We preferred settings vibration settings 9 and 12/13 for their mixture of high frequency vibrations and rhythms. We found the toy works well when alone, or as foreplay with a partner or others, as didn’t bring us to climax alone. The Vice 2 is a way for Tops, Bottoms and Versatile guys alike to explore the pleasure of their male g-spot.

As always, the Vice 2 arrived in discrete packaging, so there was no inadvertent embarrassment when it was delivered to the office.

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