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Adam Lowe

Tiempe in Manchester is a new and exciting venture – combining traditional Asian therapies, designed to rebalance your qi (also known as chi), with up-to-the-minute cosmetic treatments. The result is a refreshing synergy of new and old practices with vivifying, holistic effects. You’ll look and feel better, with your mind and your body cared for.

The brainchild of Tracey Phillips, who is fully qualified in aesthetics and semi-permanent make-up with degrees in law, chemistry and acupuncture, Tiempe combines a results-based approach with innovative technology. Tracey works from the principle that beauty comes from within, and points out, ‘Its [the skin’s] condition affects our mood, feeling of well being and emotions. Good skin health boosts the immune system and helps fight the common skin problems caused by today’s hectic lifestyles and our environment. And when we look good, we feel great.’

As such, the treatments at Tiempe tonify the body inside and out, to achieve a harmony even the best intentioned of us can sometimes lose sight of in today’s hectic urban environment.

I was lucky enough to be given the current Anna Phylactic Treatment Banquet. Part of Tiempe’s Skincare for Queens range, specially designed for those who skin takes a (drag) beating – although well suited to anyone who faces the rigours of urban life. The banquet aims to deep-cleanse, hydrate and refresh the skin, regardless of the make-up you might bake on your boat race. (There’s also a Skincare for Weddings range, and a number of bespoke packages.) This one’s currently on offer for £40 – so give it a try while you still can!

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We started with Zen Korean hand balancing and toning therapy. First, small acupressure discs on plasters were applied to both hands, based on the understanding that different parts of the hand are connected to the head, and so what’s done to the finger and palm affects the head too. On a psychological level, at least, this seemed to work, and I found it easy to relax. The plasters should be left on for up to six hours for maximum effect (so you may want a pair of gloves when walking down the street afterwards, as you’ll look very clumsy with so many plasters on your hands!).

A Su Jok ring was provided to self-massage my fingers during treatment. This is a silver or gold mesh ring that you slide up and down your fingers to gently unwind tired hands. The repetition of the action is itself soothing and seems to create a single-point focus to help you relax. I found it easy to drift off to a place of tranquility during my treatment, which was helped by Tracey’s nurturing and friendly disposition.

After my skin was briefly prepared, Tracey applied a triple-layer chemical peel. Despite the name, this isn’t like you’d imagine – it’s like a slightly more active face mask that lifts off the very surface layer of dead skin. You won’t end up like Samantha from Sex and the City. In this instance, the peel used lactic acid (derived from milk) and mandelic acid (derived from bitter almonds) – so all ingredients found in nature. Clients can also have a glycolic acid (derived from sugar cane) if required.

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The sensation of the chemical peel was pretty mild. There’s a slight itchiness, and in my more sensitive spots there was a slight bit of irritation, but the peel wasn’t on for very long at all and when it came off my skin positively glowed. It was very easy, and comfortable enough that even the most sensitive won’t gripe.

After removing the peel, Tracey used an ultrasonic skin scrubber and the hydra spa machine. These were used to deep cleanse and decongest my pores, removing dead skin cells and hydrating the skin. I have pretty good skin normally, but I do get blackheads on my nose, and this area felt noticeably cleaner and smoother afterwards.

Tracey then infused my skin with serums, using oxygen therapy to further push the serums into the skin to take effect. Next came the most unusual part of the treatment – Tracey placed an Illumination LED face mask on me. Fully aware I looked like something from a science fiction movie, Tracey assured me that the mask uses a form of light therapy with different wavelengths to repair the skin at a cellular level. Benefits of this treatment include reducing inflammation (important if you have sensitive skin – especially after a chemical peel), even out skin tone, assist with anti-ageing, increase circulation and help reduce acne. This lasted for a short while and was also quite relaxing. There are dull flashes of pink and purple through your eyelids, which is strangely enjoyable.

Then Tracey carried out an express FaceFit™ workout. This opens the blood vessels and oxygenates the skin before the final stage of the treatment: an iced serum treatment on the skin. By massaging with iced serum into my face, Tracey was helping to constrict the blood vessels and complete the hydration and refresh treatment. I knew the coldness was coming, so it wasn’t particularly a jolt – it reminded me of cold December snowfights, where you get cold pink cheeks.

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Refreshed and reinvigorated, I could feel the change immediately. I had to resist the urge to keep touching my cheeks, which felt baby soft, because doing so would only put dirt back into the skin. I noticed straight away that my skin looked cleaner and clearer, and my cheeks were noticeably rosier.

Now, a week and a half later, my skin still feels great. Using the sample moisturisers, scrubs and serums given to me by Tracey, and the Su Jok ring which I took home, I’ve been topping up my treatment to extend its effects. My cheeks are still noticeably more colourful, my complexion brighter, and my forehead smoother. I really feel the difference and others have commented on it too.

Tiempe comes highly recommended from us. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding – and I feel delicious.

Tiempe @ AcuHealth, 52-54 Washway Road, Sale M33 7QZ / / 07463 587 107 /

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