Review: ColourMe Brolly

Jake Basford

Living in Wales means two things: one, accepting that the Welsh language is around you and that there are some social situations where you are not going to understand a word anyone is saying around you, and two, that you are going to get wet. A lot. As a result I have been on the search for the perfect umbrella, because frankly I am sick of wasting my utility bills on drying clothes in JUNE. And then comes the ColourMe Brolly.

Most umbrellas that you find for less than £15 are found in a rush, by the entrance/exit of a large chain store, purchased just as you know you need one – as you are about to leave. Some people research collapsible ones and keep them in their bags at all times, but a lot of these get turned inside out by the smallest hint of wind, making them as useful as a condom once the baby has been born. That’s why a lot of people go the whole hog and buy huge golf umbrellas that you could pretty much plant in a pub beer garden and keep everyone dry. The ColourMe Brolly is the same concept as the golf umbrella, only half the weight and height – it has a durable frame that curves against wind, but is easy to put up because it doesn’t struggle using pneumatics to keep it up. It is easy to open and once used, the handle makes it easy to carry around and doesn’t get your wallet wet when you attempt to shove it into a jacket pocket or bag.

The ColourMe Brolly is highly targeted at children – check out their website if you don’t believe me – in order to stop parents from tearing their hair out at keeping children dry and making sure that they find amusement in the changing of colours when wet and dry. The fact is I have always had a soft spot for a piece of monochrome with a dash of colour, and there is nothing like walking out in all black and a white brolly for it to turn multi-coloured half way to the shops. Also – Lego is advertised for kids, but that didn’t stop the makers from directing their sales at adult audiences as well, otherwise where would the Lego Movie have come from?

Overall this is a killer umbrella, and since it is raining four days from my supposed ‘summertime’ birthday, I guess it is time to shout about it. Coming in at £12.99 and available in two different designs, the ColourMe Brolly is the best birthday present I could have asked for (even if it did arrive in April).

About Jake Basford

Essex-boy living in Cardiff, Jake is a writer, PR/Media officer, and Social Media consultant. Obsessed with video games, American culture and Buffy. Can usually be found at his laptop working.