Review: Good vibrations with Tenga Flip Zero EV

Tenga Flip zero EV masturbation sexy toy

Tenga, the sexual pleasure brand has launched its latest product for vibrating pleasure for men from its unique FLIP Series. Claimed to take men to new heights of pleasure, the Tenga FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) brings vibrations closer to the user than any other, so we had to try this out at Vada Magazine.

The FLIP ZERO EV is the first electronic male masturbation toy developed Tenga. Known for their discrete packaging and design, we were impressed by the sleekness of this product. You could almost open it at Christmas in front of family without them immediately guessing what the toy really is. From the outside it looks almost innocent, whereas inside two motors are ready to vibrate within the elastomer interior.

The FLIP ZERO EV needs to be charged fully before use, and the USB cable means it’s easy to take with you, should you be travelling. We did have difficulty lining up the toy in its cradle, but once its aligned, the LED light is an easy indication that its charging. We also appreciated the design so that the toy can be placed in the cradle up or down.

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To use the device, requires a small amount of preparation: remove the slide arm, open up the Tenga FLIP ZERO EV toy and apply a bit of lube inside. Close, re-attach the slide arm and apply a bit more lube around the hole, and it’s good to go. Tenga do provide a couple of sachets with the FLIP ZERO EV, but we chose to use our preferred one.

Pressing the button on the top starts the vibrating, and pressing again cycles through the five settings (low, high, pulse, alternating and random). Two vibrating motors are located at different points in the masturbator to send pulsating vibrations throughout the toy to provide rumbling sensations with each stroke. We found this definitely increase pleasure when either masturbating by yourself or wanting a shared experience with a partner. The elastomer interior is smooth, and we have found after several ‘tests’ that it retains its shape well. The pressure pads on the FLIP ZERO EV are easy to grip, which can also adjust the internal pressure – squeeze for a more immense feeling, as a vacuum is created inside.

What is the size of the FLIP ZERO EV? The toy is 7 inches long in total but that doesn’t mean you’ll fit a penis that size in given part of this length is battery and casing. From our ‘tests’, we could fit no more than 6.5 inches of length inside, so take note well-hung readers. As for girth, the toy (much like a real hole) is expandable, so we didn’t experience any problems there.


The FLIP-open function means the toy is hygienic and easy to clean after use. Just open, give a quick rinse with water and a pat dry then leave to air dry. Pack away, charge and pop the lid on and the Tenga FLIP ZERO EV is ready for next time.

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The Tenga FLIP ZERO EV is available from leading UK adult sex toy retailers. We have been informed of an recommended retail price of £200, and have seen around £150 in some sales.

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