Review: Root7 G & Tea Set

Adam Lowe

I’m a huge fan of gin. It’s one of my favourite spirits (the other two being whisky and rum). I’m also a huge fan of throwing decadent dinner parties with at least three courses and way more to eat and drink than my guests could ever manage. As such, the Root7 G & Tea Set fits into my life perfectly.

As well as being a fun way to serve your cocktails at dinner parties, the Root7 G & Tea Set is also a gorgeous set-piece for your dining room table and is bound to become a talking point. Its filter is specially designed to catch ‘loose’ larger items like pips and herbs so that your cocktail is strained by the teapot – giving your cocktail-making a helping hand!

I ran straight out to the herb garden and threw a bunch of things in to try it out. The tea pot is an excellent way to experiment with fresh or dry ingredients in your cocktails.

You’ll note, too, that the glass of the tea set has a very apt rainbow tinge. So not only can it be used at dinner parties, but you can bring it out for pride and other LGBT-themed celebrations (like your best friend’s gay wedding, for instance).

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The material is high quality borosilicate glass, which means it is resistant to thermal shock (i.e., adding hot and cold liquid). It’s the same stuff as Pyrex dishes, but naturally with a finer presentation. Particularly exquisite is the shimmering gold lettering, which sparks under the light, and is especially gorgeous in mood lighting or by candlelight.

What’s more, if you’re not a gin fan or are teetotal (in which case, it pairs well with Borrago non-alcoholic gin, which we reviewed recently), it can be used as a regular teapot too! Simply add your favourite loose leaf teas to the filter (or mix and match your herbal stores to find your favourite blend) and steep as usual.

Make your own tea-infused gin

Did you know it’s relatively easy to infuse gin with tea? All you need to do is add one teabag (or 4 tsp of loose leaf tea) per 250ml of gin, and leave it to infuse for 2-3 hours. Strain it and add to your favourite mixers to make a delicious cocktail.

The Root7 G & Tea Set costs £30 from

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