Roam condoms are the sustainable choice for safe sex

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This December sex care brand, Roam, has launched its new condoms, made with premium fair rubber latex, to provide a sustainable choice for those practicing safe sex.


Roam offers customers a subscription offer for its premium condoms, available through, and shipped with discrete delivery.

What makes Roam different from other latex condom brands is that Roam condoms are made with premium Fair Rubber Latex . ‘Fair’ follows the concepts of fair trade (like for other commodities that Fairtrade covers), and ensures that the rubber used is from natural sources (rather than synthetic rubber, which involves use of crude oil) and produced in fairer working conditions on plantations. This makes fair rubber a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable material. A portion of the funds goes back to the farmers to invest in better farming practices and make for a more sustainable future for their families.

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Additionally, the packaging uses 50% less plastic than traditional foils, still meeting industry quality standards. Within the UK approximately 130million condoms are used each year, Roam has the potential to make a difference.

What sizes do Roam come in?

Designed to fit your sex life, however you live it, the extra-lubricated ultra-thin condoms come in three sizes:

  • 52mm slim fit – a snugger fit for those who like to feel extra secure
  • 56mm regular fit – the most common size. What most of us are used to
  • 60mm large fit – slightly roomer for folks with extra girth

How much do Roam condoms cost?

Roam condoms are available in two pack sizes:

  • 12 pack for £15
  • 18 pack for £20

Customers can get a free trial kit, paying just the price of postage (£3.95), which includes 3 condoms and 30ml of roam lubricant.

For more information and to place an order for Roam products, visit

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