How to Stay Healthy and Keep the Mind Sharp

Modern life is packed with so many fun activities that it can be all too easy to overdo it and get worn out.

So regardless of whether you’ve been enjoying late nights at the Edinburgh Fringe, or have been sampling the decadent pleasures on the streets of Amsterdam, here are a few quick fixes that can help you stay healthy and keep your mind sharp.

Lots of water

It’s not just having a big night out at the clubs that can lead to us feeling dehydrated, and it’s thought that we should ideally aim to drink at least 1.2 litres of water each day.

Not only does this replace the water lost by breathing, sweating and urinating, but drinking water is an essential part of all life, and it is vital to ensuring that your cells and organs function properly.

Whilst there is a slight risk of over-hydrating, this is pretty hard to do. So if in doubt, have another glass of wonderfully refreshing water and enjoy the wide-ranging health benefits!

Healthy food

Most night owls will also have a tendency to gorge on late night meals of pizzas, burgers and chips. And whilst some junk food every now and then is inevitable, it’s essential to have a varied diet that’s full of nutrients if we want to live healthy and active lifestyles.

We all know how we should aim to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. But just as we shouldn’t skimp on water, adding a few extra pieces of fruit and veg can have many extra benefits in helping us life longer and happier lives.

Brain exercise

It’s not enough to just consume plenty of healthy food and water, as we also need to stimulate our bodies and minds in order to stay well.

And whether it’s learning a foreign language, or even just solving a few sudoku puzzles, we need to exercise our minds to stay sharp and strengthen the connections between our brain’s neurons.

In particular, it’s gameplay that has been thought of as having many benefits regarding our memory skills and long-term planning. And whether we are going to for roulette strategy and free play options, or are even trying some of Lumosity’s brain training games, it seems that our grey matter needs a little exercise every now and then.

Physical exertion

And finally, our bodies need plenty of exercise too. Not only will a good dose of physical exertion help us maintain an ideal weight, but it can reduce the risk of illnesses and give us a 30% better chance of avoiding an early death.

But there are plenty more surprising reasons why exercise is good for us. We all know how good we feel after we run, and that’s because exercise releases endorphins in the brain that make us happier and more alert.

And with the welcome news that a good dose of exercise can reduce stress and even help us sleep better, it gives us another excuse to get out there enjoy healthy living.

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