Tel Aviv Love (Pride) Parade: Time to celebrate summer love!

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It’s that time of year where you’re planning where to go to on your summer holidays. Do you pick sand or city? Nightlife or glorious sunshine? Well how about all of the above – try Tel Aviv Love Parade!

What’s more, you don’t need to invest in the latest cryptocurrency (there’s actually one called VGINA!) or become an expert at one of the various minimum deposit casinos online to afford a trip. Tel Aviv is currently a very affordable destination and the fights won’t kill you either.

What is the Tel Aviv Love Parade?

Like most prides, Tel Aviv Love Parade started as a political event but slowly has developed a more party-like atmosphere. Over the years it has become a massive street celebration, turning Tel Aviv into one of the world’s gay-friendliest destinations. In 2017, the event attracted over 200,000 participants, many of them tourists.

The pride week takes place every June, and includes different LGBT-friendly events across the city. It culminates on a Friday, with the ever-popular pride parade.

The parade starts from the Gan Meir Park, which houses the Tel Aviv Municipal LGBT Community Center, and goes along the Bograshov Street and Ben Yehuda Street, before the paraders finally reach the sandy beauty of Gordon Beach. Here, at the beach, the parade turns into a carnival open to everyone.

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This year, the parade will happen on 8 June 2018. The beach party kicks off at 2pm and runs well into the evening.

Tel Aviv: LGBT Capital of the Middle East

Tel Aviv is considered the LGBT capital of pride of the Middle East, a paradise that combines beaches with incredible culture, cuisine, great nightlife, and a friendly atmosphere.

Pride is not the only event to look forward to. While in Tel Aviv, you should take the opportunity to get to know the city and just wander around. It’ll be the perfect opportunity to meet people and discover the local culture. Israelis are very warm people and will gladly help you with any questions you may have.

In fact, even if you don’t want to go out of your hotel in Tel Aviv, you have plenty of other options to try out. There’s shopping, nightlife, spas and fantastic historic sites.

As the day of the parade arrives, you’ll find the event amazing, full of people celebrating freedom – enjoying the colorful gay scene and everything the city has to offer.

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