Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2016

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As more and more countries are joining the UK in allowing same sex marriage, we’re going to see an increase in LGBT weddings at home and abroad. Unlike our straight peers, however, wedding planning is a relatively new concept for our community. Parties and soirees we can throw with aplomb – but weddings? Well, not to fear! We spoke to the experts at Revelry Events for their top wedding trends for the coming year, to help you put together that stylish wedding day.

Image credit: Mikkel Paige
Image credit: Mikkel Paige

Marble and metal

Watercolour has been the darling of trend predictions for the last few years, and now the beloved motif has transformed into something a little more badass.

Marble is the perfect blend of traditional masculine and feminine styles – strong but soft. It works for anything from cake to stationery to place settings. It lends itself to grey tones for a more natural look but, as with watercolour, looks like magic in pastel.

Metallics of all kinds are still going to be on the up in the coming year. We think couples will be moving away from the standard gold and silver, and opting for more dynamic metals like bold and industrial copper.

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Revelry Top Tip: Metallics are incredibly versatile and can be stunning in a place setting or cake but don’t overdo it! Single features or small details are all that is needed with metallics to make a big impact.

Palms and plants

Patterns, plants and palms

Motifs will be massive in 2016, with couples getting ever-more daring when it comes to showing personality in print.

Palm prints are really starting to come up in a big way, and we’re seeing it everywhere from interior design to high street fashion. It’s going to be a decor design which will be more readily available to the mass market. We predict palms and foliage will take centre stage over florals, bringing a much needed hint of the tropics to the UK wedding scene.

Revelry Top Tip: If palm seems a bit too tropical for the British climate try fern. It’s delicate and soft for lighter touches or en mass it can really have the ‘wow’ factor.

Floral Architechture
Image credit: Mikkel Paige

Floral architecture

Florals do still most definitely have a place in weddings in 2016 but we’re expecting flowers to go big! Floral chandeliers and walls of a thousand roses a la Kim K were all the rage of 2015, and now the trend is due to take a huge creative jump in 2016.

Taking inspiration from shop windows and visual merchandising, we predict florists will be pushed to the creative limit with architectural feats of botany – animal sculptures, arty backdrops, floral waterfalls.

Revelry Top Tip: Floral art makes for amazing photo backgrounds, use them for portraits or a photobooth. And if budgets are tight, try and recreate the impact with faux or paper flowers.

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bella cosa - canapes

Bitesized and oversized

Tiny versions of main meals served as canapés are still growing in popularity, as well as pairing them with the perfect drink. Miniature Philadelphia cheesesteaks with a shot glass of craft beer? Yes please. Teeny, decadent brownies with espresso martini shooters? Sign us up.

Conversely, the trend for large platters of sharing meals for the main reception dinner is still the way to go for feeding your crowd. Many of our couples are opting for family style cuisines that don’t necessarily have anything to do with their own culture or even wedding theme, but they serve it because they love it. Think Middle Eastern platters or gourmet Carribean-style seafood.

Revelry Top Tip: If you’re worried about the dietary requirements of your guests, go for an upscale buffet at the table. Your guests don’t have to leave their seats and they can pick and chose options from the tapas style menu you’ve provided.

Big Picture Image

Big picture

Drones are all the rage, with many photographers investing in the new technology to achieve epic, sweeping shots of the wedding. Perfect if you have a stunner of a venue.

This might be more of a wish than a prediction, but . . . formal, posed photos could be making a come-back in the form of ‘Annie Lebovitz for Vanity Fair‘, cinematic photography. Highly styled, editorial photos, with no smiles, just class. This we would definitely like to see – a revival of group portraits that aren’t boring.

Big Picture Image 2

Revelry Top Tip: Your photography is going to last well after your wedding day so really put some thought into what you want it to look like. Photographers love getting creative, so don’t feel like you have to stick to tried and tested methods to get the shots you want.

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